Mangold Horticulture hones in on job performance and profitability with real-time insights

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Oct 13, 2022

Mangold Horticulture hones in on job performance and profitability with real-time insights

Since onboarding with Aspire's all-in-one business management software in 2021, Mangold Horticulture President Justin Mangold says the company has been able to hire 12 new people. 


“We do high-end residential and commercial work in the Minneapolis market,” Mangold says. “Our service mix is a core client who wants us to do all their ongoing care services in addition to occasional projects.”

With 40 employees, Aspire helps Mangold streamline work ticket management, enhance employee accountability, and gain deep insights into business performance—all from a single platform. 

Before adopting Aspire, the landscape maintenance and construction company relied on disparate processes and systems—not to mention multiple spreadsheets–that simply failed to communicate with each other.

“We started looking for a solution that would pull everything into one solution, rather than logging in and out of multiple different systems,” Mangold says. “Aspire was the one on the market saying, ‘Hey, if you want to do everything from beginning to end, we have an answer for you.’" 

Optimizing work ticket management from a single platform

Mangold says all employees need full visibility into the different tasks, notes, and timelines of the customer journey from the sales pipeline to the end of the client relationship. After the initial launch, Mangold designed processes to track each touchpoint in Aspire, making it seamless for employees to see a holistic view of every job on the schedule board. 

“We’re fully committed to getting our crews ingrained so that everything is properly input for every ticket,” he says. “As long as you keep striving for that, you get better and better information, and it becomes easier and easier.

“Aspire helped us take processes we knew in our heads and forced us to move beyond, ‘Hey, someone wrote it in a Microsoft Word document,’ to, ‘This is a living process.’ You see how it flows through the system and gets into the day-to-day interactions of the people in your company.”

Empowering users with key tools

Mangold notes how Aspire empowers employees to level up in their roles by clearly defining each job function and providing measurable performance benchmarks and insights. 

“Aspire creates those measurable dials, so we can say, ‘This is what you're supposed to keep track of,’” Mangold says. “They feel like they know exactly what's expected of them to hit that mark and then be able to grow beyond it.” 

“We've added 10 to 12 people since being on Aspire,” he adds. “And we think we're getting faster and faster at making them more effective because we have the right tools in place in Aspire, so everyone can see what they need to do today and tomorrow.” 

Better accessibility to relevant business data

In today’s digital-first world, businesses need real-time access to data to truly understand their operational costs and determine ROI for each job. Mangold credits Aspire’s job costing data with allowing him to see how actual costs measure up against estimates and past performance. 

“I think Aspire's done an amazing job of getting us to look at the right numbers,” he says. “We were doing job costing before, but it wasn’t nearly as granular as it is now, where you can discover, ‘Why is this off?’ And then, go back and look through individual visits to determine the contract's success or failure. You keep improving your margins again and again.” 

Unlock answers to profitability questions

Before adopting Aspire’s cloud-based field management software, Mangold relied on Excel spreadsheets and manual processes to understand profitability questions, which often made it difficult to determine where the business made or lost money.

“With Aspire, you can click down into so many different layers to take you back to your original opportunity, where you can say, ‘Hey, the estimator messed up,’ or ‘This is a crew-level issue that we need to work through and figure out if we underbid it on the performance level or if the team just fell asleep at the wheel on this one.’"

Looking ahead, Mangold believes Aspire will continue to help the company evolve and become more efficient in managing their workforce to build upon recent successes.

“I think Aspire is the best holistic software solution on the market right now,” Mangold says. “Aspire has the vision for how to build it out, so everything comes together in one source. I truly believe that Aspire is a way for you to get to know your business better.”

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