Making the most of the off-season

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Eric Mann


May 9, 2019

Making the most of the off-season

Managing the Off-season

Running a landscaping or snow removal business is not a simple task and each has its own set of challenges. They both must ask themselves a very important question, what is the best way to remain relevant to clients? In this blog, we sat down with Maggie Wymore, Implementation Manager at Aspire Software as she tackles that question and how software can help. The off-season may be a bit slower, but the work does not slow down. It is vital to make the most of the off-season to ensure that the next season is started off busier than ever before.

Remaining Relevant

“When it comes to landscaping and snow removal, you should market snow in green and green during snow”, says Maggie. It seems counter-intuitive to market a service in its off-season, but the positive effects can be seen. Marketing allows the company name to get out into the marketplace and become well-known. Companies that promote their services before there is a need have seen higher demand for their services. These companies become well known before a need is identified by the consumer and recognition can be key to success in the off-season.

A great way to expand the effort is through email. It’s a simple tactic, but it can be effective and reliable. Emails are useful tools to quickly contact a client with important information about your business. They can stay up-to-date on everything that is offered. Other times they may be used during a sense of urgency. Take snow removal for instance. Snow is extremely unpredictable. It is rarely known when services are going to be required. Before a snow storm, an email blast can be sent out to clients to let them know that your services are still available.

Opportunities and Growth

When the work slows down, its time to buckle down. Clients in the green industry may not need your services, but clients in the snow industry have needs that must be met. This is an opportunity to capitalize on. Not only is it good for your business, but its good for your employees. They need a steady income to provide for themselves and their families. Providing steady work for employees in the off-season will help with retention rates.

Additionally, there is a need to communicate and ensure employees are engaging in the field. With Aspire business management software, there is high functionality in these situations. Integration with emails and calendars, such as Outlook and Google, allows for stronger communication and accountability. Through the use of these tools, everyone wins.

The off-season provides plenty of opportunities for growth. Spending time to review production factors expands awareness of overhead. It is always a great idea to know where money is being spent. Through a Business Management Software system, these factors are much easier to track and manage. Software can help keep track of what areas are under-performing and over-performing. The benefits do not stop there either. The off-season is a perfect time to renew contracts from the previous season. The renewals will help prepare for the future seasons to come. The information is readily available to make swift, informed decisions.

Clearing up the Chaos

The off-season can be seen in many different ways. It could be viewed as a break from a hectic spring or it could be seen as a time of dread because the work has slowed down. In any case, the off-season is a time to plan ahead. This is something that is easier said than done. Luckily, software can help manage these tasks by improving efficiency and consistency. Software takes away the chaos and can help improve the off-season. The off-season is the perfect time to grow the business and jump off to a strong start.

To learn more about how business management software can help you during the off-season, click here.



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