Landscape business lessons from the mountains

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Kevin Kehoe


Feb 26, 2019

Landscape business lessons from the mountains

Just two weeks after the Aspire Client Conference in AZ, Marty hosted his GROW! Event….  Over 100 companies and 300 + professionals all there for one reason…  learning how to WIN!  Aspire Software was one of the many sponsors of this event. 

We sponsored it because we believe like Marty, Mike Rorie, Frank Mariani, Jennifer Lemke and Bob Grover (all participants in the Grunder Shark Tank session), that you have to invest in systems to grow and profit.  There is no other way to scale a business (read Gerber’s E-Myth, as it is more relevant than ever for business people who take their businesses seriously).

There were some key lessons…  many of them based on the site visit to Lifescape Colorado in Denver where the participants could “see” how a company was able to grow from $3 MM TO $15 MM in five years using systems.

  1. Systems make people happier because they feel more productive and can “see” that they are winning (or losing everyday).
  2. Millennial's are choosing to work for companies that embrace cloud and mobile technology.
  3. Contractors are over invested in equipment and under-invested in software (significantly).
  4. An investment in software can reduce labor and equipment costs AND staffing required to manage the work.
  5. Culture is built upon a foundation of mutual accountability driven by information systems.
  6. You don’t want to get left behind as there are so many good companies growing and competing with you.
  7. Customers will benefit enormously by technology that enables them to manage their properties and costs… and contractors providing that interface are winning.

The industry is changing fast.  Those on the forefront of building in information systems will be the big winners.  It is happening already.  Aspire business management software now has 180 contractors, managing over $2.5 Billion in customer revenue using its comprehensive software system…  and it is changing the way they work for the better as well as driving profits and growth.

Next year…  GO!  Go to GROW! And get the ideas and tools you need to be the best business you can be.  We will be there again because these ideas are what will make this industry great…  and be recognized as that in the eyes of every residential and commercial customer that uses our services.


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