Landscape business software: Is it worth the investment?

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AuthorDiana Lamirand

PublishedNovember 8, 2022

Landscape business software: Is it worth the investment?


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You may think your pen-and-paper processes work just fine for most landscaping jobs and your team performs well enough without relying on a computer to tell them what to do. 

But do you really know how well your company is performing? Can you make adept and agile decisions based on real-time insights to grow your business?

Get the insight you need for responsive management

Landscaping contractor Tim Johnson decided to purchase a software solution after growing tired of just guessing at his business numbers, as well as getting bogged down by old-school paper and manual processes.

“By the time we got the data figured out, it was way too late to do anything about it,” says Johnson, who operates two locations of Tim Johnson Landscaping in North Carolina.

After investing in Aspire landscaping management software, Johnson says he now has visibility into every aspect of the business, including real-time job costing, to see how actual costs and progress measure up against estimates and past performance.

Improving processes with new efficiencies empowers growth

“We’re not just guessing anymore,” Johnson says. “We know our numbers, we know the data, we know the data in real time.”

Whether operating as small businesses or large enterprises, landscaping and lawn care business owners face stiff competition as part of the green industry and need to react quickly with the right data at the right time. 

That means investing in the right landscape business management software with a true ROI that gives you the functionality to streamline business processes, improve team efficiency, book more jobs, and grow more revenue.

What is landscape business software?

Business software for landscapers offers digital management tools on a cloud-based platform that work to automate your business processes, such as:

  • Estimating landscape jobs

  • Creating work orders

  • Job scheduling

  • Time tracking

  • Job costing

  • Invoicing

  • And more

The best software solution integrates with programs you already use, such as QuickBooks Online and field service management software. 

It streamlines your entire service business, from customer support and job management to service history and inventory management.

What are the essential properties of a business management platform?

Other common features of landscape management software include:

  • A mobile app

  • CRM

  • Drag-and-drop functionality

  • Route optimization

It also provides options for scheduling software to ease the load on your busy dispatchers. 

Some also offer landscape estimating software to help you stay on top of labor costs and quickly outbid your competitors.

How much does business software for landscapers cost?

The cost of landscape business software typically varies based on your company size, its complexity, and what solution best fits your business. 

Costs for landscape management software include:

  • Implementation and data migration (usually a one-time cost)

  • Monthly software subscription fee, which includes maintenance and support

  • Internal resources and training to help the business adapt to new software

For most landscape companies, the cost savings and revenue gains from smarter resource allocation and operating more efficiently and effectively not only cover the costs of landscape business software, but also result in bigger company profits. 

With full visibility into each job, you can quickly make the necessary adjustments to stay on track.

The right software is an investment in your business’s future growth

For LaurelRock, a residential landscape design/build and maintenance company in Connecticut, Aspire landscape business software powers detailed job costing and reporting data, allowing the company to predict its profit margins with greater accuracy.

“This helps us build our budget, understand the direction we need to go, and determine if we need to change sales plans in the middle of the year because something’s not working,” says Mark Coleman, LaurelRock’s director of sales and marketing.

How does landscape business software help me grow my business?

If you’re just basing your business performance on guesswork without really measuring anything, how will you ever know if you’re finding success? If you are measuring your business results in some way, how much do you really trust your numbers?

With landscape business software, you gain access to powerful reporting capabilities to quickly see what’s working, what’s not, and areas to focus on.

>>Want to see how landscaping software can help your company? Use this informative ROI calculator to discover the most profitable way to grow your business.

Software built specifically for the landscape industry improves project management, establishes clear communication channels with customers, and connects your jobs from start to finish––giving you unparalleled insight into how your job costs and production compare to your estimates and past performance.

Do more by implementing software designed for the landscaping industry

A comprehensive, all-in-one software solution like Aspire also connects the other core functions of your business, such as:

Is landscape business software worth the investment? Yes, especially if you’re a landscape company interested in more than just plant growth. 

Business growth happens organically when you know your key performance indicators (KPIs), proactively plan a strategy to improve them, then rinse, recycle, and repeat.


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