Introducing Aspire University

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Kevin Kehoe


Dec 9, 2015

Introducing Aspire University

Aspire University LogoAspire University is a partnership of Envisor Consulting and Aspire Software.  Its first educational offering, it teaches the skills and landscape company best practices of the industry's best account managers. 

The Account Manager's Most Important Job Is?

Make no mistake the Account Manager’s most important job is renewals. Your clients renew because of you. Not because of the company’s name or price or something else… but because of you.

How Do You Spend The Client's Money?

Nice landscaping is important. But it’s the way you “spend” the client’s money that matters. As a landscape company CEO once told me… “… just don’t stink at the landscape thing, excel at communicating what you are doing, and what you can do for them”... and translate that into a return on investment.  So how do you do this?

Go From Account Manager To Asset Manager

Let’s start with the idea that the property is an asset and that this asset your responsibility. This makes you an asset manager. So, you need a way to manage that asset. That’s why you must master the Client’s Budget. The Client’s Budget is an asset management process that integrates (1) site-walks, (2) upsells, (3) renewals, (4) service recovery (issues) and (5) improvements in one place for the client.

This is only one thing you will learn at the two-day Master’s seminar and the follow on year-long training program when you enroll. Given that there is so little training for AM’s… it’s no wonder they take a long time to master the job. So why not supplement your on-the-job training approach with a practical training program that is low cost and effective?

Contact: Kevin Kehoe for more information… or register and enroll here: http://www.envisorco.com/events/account-manager-masters-series-dallas/

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