Boost customer communication with Crew Control automated notifications

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Abby Hart


Sep 30, 2021

Boost customer communication with Crew Control automated notifications

We use our smartphones for everything these days—to shop, order food, request Uber rides, and more. According to a study by MessageDesk, 76% of consumers receive communications from businesses on their smartphones.  

Many customers have come to expect businesses will reach out to them via text. Crew Control is now offering an easy and convenient method to communicate with your customers via automated text notifications.  

Here’s why you should take advantage of text notifications if you’re not already using them. 

Remind your customers of an upcoming service 

Homeowners aren't always seeing the work you do, so it’s easy for them to forget their regularly scheduled landscaping services. If your crews are completing a job while the homeowner is out of the house, sending a simple text the day of or day prior reminds them of their upcoming appointment. If they need to cancel, they can let you know immediately, saving your crews a wasted trip. 

You can also send a follow-up text after service is completed and thank your customers for their business. 

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Save time with automated notifications 

If your company was already sending text messages to customers individually, automating a personalized text explaining that customers will receive service that day or the next day will save you time.

Want to see which of your customers have received texts from you? A message icon on the job board shows you at a glance customers who have been notified via text. 

Notification audit trail

Dealing with bad weather? Notify your customers within minutes by selecting your upcoming jobs and send out a bulk text informing them that their lawn will be serviced the following day.   

Improve customer interaction and retention 

Staying in regular contact and personalizing your communications with your customers is a great way to build a rapport with them. Knowing that you’re completing the service at the scheduled time gives your customers peace of mind and builds you up as a trusted service provider.  

You can also use texts to alert your customers about upcoming invoices or pest problems in an area.  

The details 

Automated customer notifications are currently included in Crew Control. From the platform, you can just go to Settings, click Customer Notifications, and start typing your scheduled text message.  

The feature comes with 1,500 texts per month. Please note that this is a simple one-way text communication. If your client responds to the text, they’ll receive a message to contact your company directly.  

To view a video demo of this new feature, click here 

We hope you’ll give automated customer notifications a try and see how the additional communication improves efficiency and customer engagement in your landscape business!  

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