How to boost your revenues through cross-selling

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Eric Mann


Jul 12, 2019

How to boost your revenues through cross-selling

The Difference Maker

Cross-selling is a wonderful practice in sales and many times, you don’t realize that you are doing it. But, don’t get that mistaken with upselling. Upselling is when you encourage customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one they are currently using, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. 

Believe it or not, clients want to be cross sold because it is heavily involved in customer service. Selling the additional services creates a win-win situation for everyone.  There are countless benefits to cross selling such as simplifying the sales process, improving client relationships and, of course, increasing revenue.

Finding Needs

Why would clients want you to cross-sell to them? Cross-selling makes everyone’s life easier and simplifies the work. Instead of having one company in charge of tree maintenance and another in charge of mulching, one company can oversee all services. The client benefits because they do not have multiple businesses providing various services. Also, your company benefits because of the additional revenue that comes from the services.  You’ve already established a relationship with your current customers. They already know you and have bought from you. Trust has also already been established, so your foot is already in the door. It only makes sense to ask them about their other needs. It beats cold calling, and it beats the time trying to sell to new customers. If your company already provides one great service, it is a safer bet to have a trusted company work on another service than an unknown company.

How Software Can Help

Many people wonder how software can help a business cross-sell to their existing clients. Aspire Software prides itself on having methods that can be used to cross-sell. Take reports for example. Unique reports can be created to segment out information such as mulching services. Through Aspire business management software, reports can be created to show the services a company is already using and additional options that they could offered. By easily seeing clients who are not receiving specific services, it makes it easier for a business to target them. Maybe there are multiple proposals that have been sent out as well. Business management software can keep track of each proposal to ensure that the information will not be lost. It also makes it easier to clarify where proposals have been sent. There is nothing worse than sending multiple proposals that contradict each other.

Screenshot of an opportunity service report in Aspire

Aspire’s partnerships have also improved upon cross-selling. Through easy payments, simplified payroll, tracking systems, and training programs, each integration has aided the ability to cross sell. They enable your business to operate smoothly so that you may provide enhanced service to clients. Having all these services under one system is a recipe for success.

Continue to Cross-Sell

Improvements to cross-selling are more than just about selling additional products and services. It includes ensuring that clients know about potential services they may need or want. It draws attention so that clients know that you are interested in their needs. Having open communication with existing and potential clients is key. It can identify possible needs that they have. Informing them and offering the services will provide the clients with valuable information. Even if they do not need the service yet, they will know about it for the future.

After all, competition is fierce. If you aren’t taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities, you’re leaving money on the table and likely losing a lot of your customers’ business to your competitors.

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