How to choose a landscaping invoicing app for your business

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Gage Roberts


Apr 17, 2023

How to Choose a Landscaping Invoicing App for Your Business

Invoicing may be the most time-consuming task for your landscaping company, but it’s important. Inaccurate or inconsistent billing can lead to serious cash flow problems for your business.

Many landscaping contractors use an invoicing app to improve the accuracy and consistency of invoices and streamline operations.

Aspire landscaping invoice software provides professionals with an easy-to-use solution to generate, track, and manage invoices in one place. When landscapers send customers accurate, timely invoices, they improve cash flow and strengthen their bottom line.

Read on to learn more about the features of top-ranked landscaping invoicing apps and learn how landscape business software works to grow your landscaping and lawn care business.

What are landscaping invoicing apps?

Landscaping invoicing apps help landscaping businesses manage their invoices and payments. These apps typically include features such as:

  • Automated billing
  • Online payment processing
  • Client management
  • Customizable invoice templates

Using an app streamlines the invoicing process, reduces paperwork, and increases operational efficiency.

Top features of a landscaping invoicing app

The best invoice software for landscaping provides one software solution for lawn care professionals. Top features include:

  1. Automated billing and invoicing: Eliminate manual invoicing and potential errors. Using software to bill and invoice ensures nothing gets overlooked, and batch actions send multiple invoices simultaneously.
  2. Payment tracking: Get paid faster and quickly identify which invoices remain overdue with color-coded tagging.
  3. Client management: Set preferred customer settings for sending invoices, whether by mail or email.
  4. Scheduling tools: Flexible billing methods provide a variety of billing types for landscape construction projects or maintenance contracts.
  5. Estimate creation: Ensure invoice accuracy from the start by connecting your estimates, job tracking, and invoicing processes.
  6. Reporting tools: Comprehensive reporting saves time and streamlines end-of-the-month closing.
  7. Mobile access: A mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices connects your job site to the office, saving time and eliminating manual data entry.
  8. Secure data storage: A secure cloud-based solution protects your financial data.
  9. Integration with accounting software: Accounting integrations with QuickBooks ensure accurate accounting and a standardized process.
  10. Customizable templates: Use invoice templates to create professional-looking and accurate invoices in minutes.

Improve your business with a landscaping invoicing app

Minimize human error

Manual invoicing comes with numerous risks your landscaping and lawn care service business can’t afford, including errors in data entry and forgotten or lost invoices.

Avoid invoicing mistakes and improve accuracy with Aspire landscaping invoice software. 

The software pulls data from estimate and time tracking functions, ensuring up-to-date completed work orders and precise invoices. Plus, Aspire integrates with QuickBooks and Acumatica accounting programs to simplify and streamline your workflow.

Improve cash flow

Better invoice management means eliminating the unpredictability of your monthly cash flow. Aspire’s invoicing and billing software provides a list feature to view and manage customer invoices by status, including:

  • Pending
  • Sent
  • Overdue 

Users can save even more time with bulk actions to send multiple invoices at once.

Deliver better customer experiences with multiple billing options

Aspire accommodates flexible billing options, such as immediate or progress billing, to improve cash flow. 

Operations can quickly identify which invoices need follow-up and efficiently manage customer payments. 

The user-friendly customer portal streamlines payment processing, so customers can view their bills and make secure online payments with a credit card or ACH bank transfer.

Generate invoices faster

Landscaping and lawn care invoice software helps your team generate and send invoices faster to reduce their time on tedious, error-prone tasks.

→ Generates work tickets and invoices directly from the initial estimate, so it’s easy to create accurate invoices. 

Templates customized for a service or season simplify the process. Aspire even enables companies to use complex AIA (American Institute of Architects) formatting for invoicing construction projects.

When an existing client adds a one-off landscape design project or maintenance contract to their property, you can easily select a secondary invoice type for straightforward billing.

Increase security

If you’re using manual invoicing and invoice storage, you’re leaving sensitive customer and business data without complete protection. 

Aspire landscape and lawn care invoice software safeguards your customer and business data through centralized, cloud-based storage.

Enhance auditing

A landscaping invoicing app improves the process of auditing customer payments and invoicing information by giving you greater visibility.

→  The invoice assistant provides a visual status of invoices through color coding. Get the data to make responsive decisions in an instant. 

You can also quickly search, filter, and view aging balances by customer. Bulk actions and automated notifications ensure nothing gets overlooked in the invoicing process.

Tips for selecting the best invoice software for landscaping

Understand your business needs

Landscaping contractors should identify their specific business needs so they can choose the right landscaping software.

Aspire helps you control spending and grow profits by connecting every aspect of your business, including:

  • CRM
  • Estimating
  • Work tickets
  • Scheduling and route optimization
  • Job management
  • Invoicing
  • Timesheets and payroll

Aspire provides what you need to scale your business, so you’ll never have to implement another solution—no matter how big your business grows.

Request a demo 

To know if a landscaping and lawn care invoice app provides the features you need, it’s a good idea to see it in action. 

Schedule a demonstration to see for yourself how Aspire streamlines day-to-day operations and unlocks new profitability in your existing processes.

Compare software packages

Compare several landscaping invoicing apps to determine which is right for your business. 

While the quantity of available software options may be daunting, focus on key aspects, such as:

  • Features and integrations
  • Pricing
  • Customer reviews
  • Software support for implementation and troubleshooting

Unlike many other software options, Aspire’s plans include the same core functions and an unlimited number of users. This upfront pricing doesn’t add per-user charges or block features behind paywalls.

Read reviews

Reviews provide a valuable perspective on landscaping invoice software, from existing users working in the green industry.

→ Read Aspire ratings and reviews for feedback on the software features and how they compare with other options.

Firsthand accounts give candid assessments of a software’s functionality and the customer experience. A review can show how a platform empowered success in a business, such as what Thrive Outdoor discovered after implementing Aspire.

“Aspire is a master of business intelligence,” says Lee Buffington, CEO of Thrive Outdoor in Fort Payne, Ala. “Oftentimes people say, ‘It’s just cutting grass, how difficult can it be?’ You’re dealing with so many variables and conditions; it’s a beast to try and manage. To find a program that can do all of that and make adjustments on the fly, forecast what’s out there. There’s really a lot of science that goes into it. That’s been a huge factor with Aspire and what it’s done for us.”

How an invoicing app benefits your landscaping and lawn care business 

Handle the busy season with confidence

As a landscaper, you already know the challenge of managing all the details during peak season. Operating with multiple crews and projects, it’s easy to hastily send customers less-than-accurate invoices or let invoicing fall behind altogether.

→ When you use a landscaping invoicing app, you eliminate guesswork and automate the invoicing process, leading to accurate, prompt invoicing and increased cash flow

Stay on top of every detail, even during the busiest times of the year, with flexible editing and bulk invoicing actions to:

  • Generate
  • Send
  • Track

Aspire provides a single platform to house all your operational data, so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Improve cash flow

Solve cash flow problems by enhancing invoicing and billing management. Aspire’s invoicing solution carries data from the estimate and work tickets to the invoice, ensuring accurate information and eliminating potential duplicate data entries.

Enhanced management of customer payments simplifies payment tracking, so you can quickly follow up on overdue payments. 

You can also see any irregularities such as missing information, so you can send prompt invoices and keep revenue flowing.

Eliminate excessive paperwork 

When you rely on manual processes, it often results in misplaced or lost receipts and cluttered filing systems. Securely digitizing the invoicing process not only eliminates the hassle of paperwork but improves invoice management.

Instead of digging through stacks of paper or folders in a filing system, your team can instantly digitally search and filter to find what they need. 

A centralized system enables your team to send invoices to customers by their preferred method with just a few clicks.

Improve data insights

Centralized data gives landscapers an overall picture of their company to spot otherwise overlooked data insights. Aspire provides real-time visibility, enabling business owners to:

  • Identify high-profit landscaping services
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Analyze invoicing and spending patterns

Landscapers must make data-driven decisions to stay proactive in management, increase profit, and grow a successful landscaping business.

Grow your business with confidence

As anyone in the green industry knows, growing a landscaping business doesn’t just mean gaining new contracts. Successful growth involves:

  • Overcoming labor shortage challenges
  • Compensating for increasing materials costs
  • Optimizing job scheduling for growing routes
  • Responsive cash flow management
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction

And that’s just to name a few. Aspire enables landscapers to get more done in less time and fuel growth through efficiency. These streamlined processes from estimating to invoicing capture key performance insights to guide data-informed decisions for the future.

Ready to grow your landscaping business? Request a demo today.


How do I make an invoice for landscaping?

It’s easy to generate invoices in Aspire. With Aspire’s invoicing assistant, select which invoices in “ready” status you want to generate—whether one or multiple.

All you need to do is confirm the date, review the information, and send it. 

Depending on customers’ preferences, you can choose to send invoices by email, or print and mail paper bills.

What app do landscapers use? 

Many landscaping app options exist for large and small landscaping and lawn care businesses. Some other landscaping apps include:

  • LMN
  • Jobber
  • Boss LM
  • Include/Asset
  • Service Autopilot
  • Real Green

Unlike many of its competitors, Aspire is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform built to power commercial and residential landscape and lawn care businesses of any size. 

It streamlines and automates every aspect of business for a more efficient workflow and increased profit so users can unlock limitless growth.

What is the best app for sending invoices? 

The best landscaping invoicing app meets evolving business needs and provides capabilities for fast and accurate invoicing.

Aspire provides landscape companies with greater flexibility in their invoicing and billing processes, such as choosing between several different billing types for landscaping construction and maintenance projects and easily accommodating change orders and invoice adjustments.

Landscaping businesses also can invoice customers by their preferred methods, whether email or mail, and give customers convenient and secure online payment options.

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