How much software will I need to run my company?

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Gage Roberts


Feb 8, 2018

How much software will I need to run my company?

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This is the first in a series.

Landscape business management software is an investment everyone will make eventually. How much you need depends upon your growth. If one day, you will exceed $3MM in annual revenue, you will require some kind of integrated mobile software to run your business - if only because your customers will demand it.

With this in mind, you invest software for a few reasons:

  1. To install efficient procedures
  2. To improve customer service
  3. To increase profit margins

Therefore, you need enough software to do the following:

  • Integrate your sales – estimating – scheduling – purchasing – equipment – inventory – invoicing – and accounting functions. This will reduce errors and administrative costs.
  • Work in the field to track... Crew time, materials, work location and job issues; Account Manager proposals, site walks, and communications; and Production Supervisor job scheduling and materials management. This alone is worth the investment as it makes everyone more productive, reduces mistakes, and provides accurate and reliable reports.

This list could go on. And yes, you can purchase single-function software applications that provide specific features like crew work and time tracking only. But in a short time, you will realize that you want and need the whole package to really make your business efficient.

When you are ready to invest in software, first determine your growth plans, then assess your software options. 

Download a Software Buyer's Guide that can help you with that.



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