How much hardware will I need in the future?

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Rob Galloway


Feb 20, 2018

How much hardware will I need in the future?

Management Tips - Simple Answers

This is the second in a series. Read Part 1 here.

You won’t need to spend as much as you did in the old days. Certainly hardware is important and expensive, but the need to buy, update and maintain your own servers will be far less in the future. That’s because the cloud will do all of that for you when you use SaaS software (Software as a Service). 

So while you may want to keep an office server for applications like QuickBooks and document/photo storage, 90 percent of your landscape business management requirements will be handled far more efficiently by your SaaS software partner (NOTE: Even these applications can be handled in the cloud right now).

In addition, the need to buy, update and maintain more expensive desktop and laptop computers will decline. That’s because mobile SaaS applications don’t require these machines. Smart devices in the form of phones and tablets can already do all that these machines can, allowing your people to work from anywhere in the field - where the action takes place. 

These smart devices are less expensive and the incremental cost of data plans are low. In simple terms, you will spend less on hardware and more on software in the future. The payoff is in the accuracy and speed of the information you will use to manage revenue and expenses. 


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