How Aspire’s snow release will improve contractor efficiency this winter

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Abby Hart


Oct 25, 2021

How Aspire’s snow release will improve contractor efficiency this winter

Leaves are on the ground right now, but before you know it, snow will be piling up. Not that you need the reminder …

We know that unpredictable weather events and adding more subcontractors to your schedule can combine to create a hectic snow season. At Aspire, we’re looking to help you be more efficient and continue to provide excellent service to your snow and ice clients this winter, with our latest snow updates to the platform.

Watch the video below for a preview of these features:

HubSpot Video

Here's a closer look at how the update will help you win this snow season.

Better visibility into your reporting

One way we’re improving snow and ice reporting is by adding new fields to reports and advanced search lists. This will allow you to filter and report on more data and provide you with more knowledge on your jobs.

Adding Drive Time and Item Name fields in the Work Ticket Transaction Report provides more flexibility in data tracking and reporting, allowing you to filter and report on specific items or nonproductive time.

Drive Time and Item Name

Adding the Probability field to your Contract Renewal reports provides you and your team with better insight into your potential revenue from renewals.

Probability Field

Additional fields in the Work Ticket screen like Invoice Number help you identify and match up work tickets with invoices for easier invoice management and reference.

Improved subcontractor expense management

Understanding what you owe to your subcontractors after a snow event can be a headache. In the Purchasing Assistant screen, you can now easily see the sub expenses created through the auto-expense feature by viewing the new auto-expense field in the display list. Additionally, you can filter the list and confirm at a glance that you’re accounting for all the subcontractor expenses from the snow event.

Purchasing Assistant

More consistency in communication in Crew Mobile

We’ve improved how Service Name Abbreviations work in Crew Mobile. In the past, if an opportunity was entered in the system and the service name was changed later, there could be some variance in how the service names were displayed in Crew Mobile. Now, when a service name is changed in an opportunity, it will display consistently in Crew Mobile.

Better crew management and accurate pricing with Time Entry updates

Single Clock Time helps you keep time entries for employees clean and consistent. This update allows you to enable a single clock time for each branch. Simply set your preferred clock-in time interval and once the crew leader clocks in, the system will synchronize the time entries for all crew members who clock in within the specified timeframe.

Single Clock Time

Aspire now offers more flexibility in route and crew scheduling for crew members—a must during the snow season when schedules can change on a dime. Previously, crew members who already had clocked time on a route could not be added to another route in Time Entry. Now you can easily assign crew members to additional routes and crews in a day. The system will pull the associated time for that crew member into the time entry screen, ensuring that their hours are accurately captured for payroll. 

Time Entry also affects how time is assigned to equipment. Now you can assign drive time to equipment from the Time Entry screen and associate it to a specific crew member. This ensures that each piece of equipment you’re running on a job is included in your T&M pricing so your pricing to the customer is accurate.

Time Entry Item Allocation

Streamlined communication with subcontractors

You can now have better insight into your subs’ activities in the Subcontractor Portal. Subcontractors can now mark work tickets completed, which you can see in real-time on the Time Entry screen. Additionally, they’re now able to add visit notes and attachments to work tickets to help you understand what they’re experiencing in the field.

Visit Notes

The subcontractor portal allows you to simplify your communications by scheduling email notifications to your subcontractors. Now, the system can send an automatic email when subs submit time and after that time has been approved.

Snow and ice removal can be a challenge even in mild conditions, so we hope that these new updates help you and your teams tackle the snows this winter.


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