How Aspire’s site audit tool can transform janitorial inspections

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Kim Oswalt


Oct 18, 2021

How Aspire’s site audit tool can transform janitorial inspections

Aspire’s October 2021 release brings exciting new updates to the site audit tool for janitorial customers.

Thanks to the latest updates, users can now:

  • Choose between a 1-10 or Pass/Fail rating scale to evaluate performance
  • Create a single issue to follow up on any and all deficiencies found during a site audit
  • Easily edit tags included in the audit to improve communication, reporting, and follow-up activities
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The site audit tool empowers janitorial contractors to completely transform their quality control and estimating processes—improving profitability, compliance, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

In Aspire, the site audit tool is used to help support the sales process and conduct inspections. It’s completely configurable and allows for multiple list styles. Users can create abbreviated or detailed checklists and associate both of them with any given property.

Since the Aspire platform is web-based and includes a mobile app, team members can access and complete checklists from any Internet-enabled device. Users can capture and attach pictures to checklist items that require further attention, and they’re even able to highlight, add tags, and make notes directly on an image.

It’s easy for administrators to build the checklists in Aspire from the list of available components. And once a list has been created, all teams need to do from the field is open it up on their phone or tablet.

How can this functionality benefit your janitorial company? Let’s take a look.


When your salespeople meet with a prospective client, they can use the site audit tool to show how your team would create improvements. If the customer is using another provider, you can highlight specific areas where that provider falls short—and explain how your company would address the issue in a more satisfactory way.

The new bulk issue creation feature makes this easier than ever. When creating an initial audit of a potential customer’s property, you can easily select multiple areas and add issues for all of them. These issues are then used in conversation with the client to show detailed examples, helping your company to stand out against the competition.


As you know, quality control is important when it comes to staying in compliance with contracts and industry certifications.

The robust functionality offered by Aspire’s site audit tool allows you to monitor and track key outcomes. Since you can have multiple versions of a checklist for a single property, you can conduct more- or less-detailed inspections depending on your current needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Using the site audit tool as part of your estimating and inspection processes can improve customer satisfaction.

When account managers take notes on a property before placing a bid, they can record customer preferences and comments about where previous providers fell short. Saving this information about expectations helps tremendously once a bid is won and it’s time to start work.

It’s also a good practice to invite customers to join you for occasional inspections so they’re able to see the care you put into proactively ensuring excellent service. Since you can have multiple checklists in Aspire, you could choose to walk through a more in-depth version when you’re with a client, even if you don’t always need to review such granular detail for your own quality control process.

Employee Retention

Finally, access to a good site audit tool indirectly aids employee retention and growth.

It reinforces accountability by confirming work was completed and provides quality assurance by making sure that work was done well. By identifying issues, managers can see which employees are struggling and may need additional support or training.

Audits also give you an opportunity to highlight where service was exceptional and can be used as the basis for an employee recognition program that supports engagement and retention efforts. After all, employees feel appreciated when their hard work is recognized and are more likely to stay with your company.


The latest updates to Aspire’s site audit tool make it an even better resource for janitorial businesses seeking to improve operations.

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