Highlights of 2021 at Aspire

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Kim Oswalt


Dec 30, 2021

Highlights of 2021 at Aspire

It’s no secret that 2021 has been a difficult year for many people.

As a country, we’ve faced economic challenges, staffing shortages, political turmoil, civil unrest, natural disasters, and more—all while continuing to deal with the effects of a global pandemic.

Despite these hardships, we also had plenty to celebrate.

We’ve heard amazing stories over the past year of landscapers helping their communities, growing their businesses, and supporting each other in times of need. These are the stories we live for, and they’re the reason we show up to work everyday to support those businesses in continuing to transform the world around them.

A year like no other

For those of us at Aspire Software, 2021 was our biggest year yet.

We acquired three incredible platforms—Crew Control, Go iLawn, and LandOne—built to help contractors of all sizes achieve their goals.

We worked tirelessly to bring our flagship business management platform, Aspire, to commercial cleaning companies tired of fighting with disconnected systems and manual processes.

We hosted our fourth annual Aspire IGNITE! client conference, where our team had a chance to spend time (in person) with our amazing users for the first time in two years.

Finally, we ourselves were acquired by ServiceTitan, another software company for the trades with values and history unbelievably similar to our own.

A dedicated team

None of this would have been possible without the support of an incredible (and constantly growing) team of dedicated employees.

We strive to make a real difference in clients’ lives every day by living out Aspire’s four core values:

  1. Boldly innovate
  2. Drive success
  3. Put others first
  4. Finish strong

From implementation managers who strive to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible and AspireCare team members who work to address every new ticket in record time to customer success managers who help users continue to get the most out of the platform, sales consultants who help prospects determine if Aspire is the right fit for their business, and the administrative staff who keep things running day-to-day, we wouldn’t be the company we are without the support of this world-class team.

In their words

When we asked our folks about the highlight of their year at Aspire, here’s what they had to say:

“Two things come to mind. 1) My first day (May 1) and 2) the developers SCRUM training conference, where I met many of my Aspire colleagues in person for the very first time. This is the longest I’ve ever worked for a company completely online before I finally met any of them onsite!”

– John Chesshir, Senior Software Engineer

“Getting to work on great projects with a fantastic team, and connecting with more of the Aspire team and clients at IGNITE!”

– Abby Hart, Content Marketing Manager

“Having dinner (and a little nice bourbon!) with customers and teammates at GIE. Awesome to hear the stories of how companies are using Aspire to make their lives better. Also, I’m so glad we’ve added the great folks from Crew Control, LandOne, and Go iLawn to the Aspire team!”

– Mike Wylie, Chief Financial Officer

“Building relationships with all of my awesome coworkers in the St. Louis office, as well as meeting those who don’t live in St. Louis.”

– Dominic Masek, Business Development Representative

“I’ve enjoyed seeing the growth and success of the company, even in just the short time I’ve been here.”

– Anna Luhmann, Associate Software Engineer

“The highlight of the year for me was definitely the Crew Control acquisition.”

– Eric Mann, Demand Generation Specialist

“It’s been great to see the growth of the client success team and the increased availability for education services. I’m so thankful for our incredible implementation team and the work they do to successfully onboard new customers!”

– Amanda Peirick, Implementation Manager

“The highlight of 2021 for me was seeing how much we accomplished this year with our small marketing team. There’s so much to celebrate, including launching a new website, onboarding new team members, implementing new processes, acquiring three new companies, hitting department goals, and more!”

– Samantha Shannon, Director of Demand Generation

“Seeing incredible growth and wonderful people entering the product and development teams, as well as other teams. I enjoy working with all of them!”

– Kendal Walton, Support Coordination and Documentation Manager

“Getting to meet Billie Jo in person at the client conference this past summer. A few great dinners out with coworkers as well, and just the client conference overall!”

– Megan Forbes (Sivcovich), Education Specialist

“My best highlight of 2021 was being hired by Aspire and becoming a part of this amazing team. One team, one dream—Aspire is the place to be!”

– Nermin Dolic, AspireCare Care Specialist

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Preparing to help landscape and janitorial contractors go even further in 2022

As amazing as this year has been, we’re not resting on our laurels. Our team is already hard at work preparing to make 2022 an even more incredible year for our customers and employees.

We can’t share all the exciting news about what’s coming (yet), but it’s going to be good.

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to say a special thank-you to our clients. Thank you for trusting Aspire to help you manage your business, support your team, and serve your community.

We’re looking forward to everything we’re going to accomplish together in 2022.

Happy new year!

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