GIE+EXPO 2018 highlights

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Kevin Kehoe


Oct 30, 2018

GIE+EXPO 2018 highlights


We have just returned from the 2018 GIE+EXPO.  This is the largest trade show for the landscape management industry.  In case you missed it, here were a few moments from the show.


2019 Technology Forecast  

The annual Breakfast With Champions was sponsored by The Aspire Software Company. Click here, to see what Managing Partner Kevin Kehoe said about “Five Technologies That Will Change the Way You Do Business”.

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Deals Everywhere!

Private equity activity indicates strength and confidence in the industry.  This is good for the industry and the number of deals is growing.  Jeff Harkness, Kevin Kehoe's former partner at the Three Point Group says, "Current industry dynamics remain favorable with buyers and sellers continuing to be active: However, there is some uncertainty on how much longer the market will support the current environment with rising interest rates and pending elections.  The industry's largest company, Brightview,  ($2.4 BN revenue) only represents 2.7% of the US market share. That's 10 times the size of the next largest commercial landscaping competitor. This shows  the massive scale of the industry and  supports the fact that the industry is still highly fragmented. With significant Private Equity capital available, we think there is still  significant opportunity for future consolidation."

Aspire at the GIE

The First Annual "Cocktails With Champions" was a great success and looks to become an annual tradition.  The event provides an interactive format for industry leaders to network and share ideas with the Aspire team.  More than 150 people participated in round table discussions with the Aspire Management Team this year.  Of particular interest was Aspire business management software's upcoming January 2019 upgrade release...  Version 5.0 has new features that include:



  • Full fleet GPS integrated with Aspire's Crew Mobile application and Equipment / Shop service application.
  • Client web portal with application for sales, proposals, invoicing, banking and payments, and issues management.
We have a lot of other great technologies in our software pipeline heading your way in 2019.  We will be scheduling Version 5.0 launch webinars so you can learn more in the coming months.

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of this industry!


For more info on the GIE+Expo and to attend next year’s show: CLICK HERE


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