GIE and the future of your landscape business

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Kevin Kehoe


Oct 14, 2015

GIE and the future of your landscape business

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  – George Santayana

What Does The Future Hold For Your Landscape Business?

If the past is an indicator, then human nature will be what it always has been, and the business game we play will get even tougherprimarily as a result of a dysfunctional body politic and increased competition. That being said, what can you do to finish this year and get ready for the new one?

Find the Future At GIE

If you are going to the GIE, then spend your time wisely and focus on bringing back ideas that address the future.

I have found the (1) the Breakfast of Champions, (2) the lobby of the Marriott Hotel and the attached cocktail lounge, and (3) selective educational sessions are where you need to be (unfortunately too many of the sessions rehash old ideas).

What should you look for? Here are my top four that will improve your landscape business management in the future:

  • Culture is everything: Look for ideas to help you build an organization that knows how to win.
  • Speed wins: Look for ideas that help you respond and anticipate the customer better.
  • Information in “real time”: Look for ideas on systems that provide timely information.
  • Salesmanship: Look for ideas about how to transform a production-driven business into a sales-driven one.

I run a business, and this is what I'm looking for at the GIE. Sure there may be other areas but these are the ones that really matter. Good hunting!


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