Gain business insights and improve productivity with property intelligence tools

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Kelsea McGraw


Dec 16, 2022

Gain business insights and improve productivity with property intelligence tools

Landscape contractors constantly try to overcome inefficient processes and poor profit margins that can quickly devastate their businesses. A lack of data insight and incomplete solutions on the market force contractors to spend valuable time performing manual, repeated tasks that distract from their priority of growing their companies.

Property intelligence tools aim to solve these challenges by helping landscape contractors increase accuracy, improve productivity, and gain real-time insights into job performance to help them scale.

What is property intelligence?

Property intelligence refers to all the data you collect about your customers and their properties. It includes metrics regarding a property’s measurements, material quantities and costs, site conditions, project complexity, and a visual representation of the work to be done. 

It also includes your company’s proprietary data regarding crew production rates for your services, equipment production rates, contract terms, service occurrences, distance to other customers, estimates versus actuals, and more.

It’s the “intelligence” you need to profitably and professionally service your customers to grow your business.

What are property intelligence tools?

Property intelligence tools are the software solutions you employ to help you gather the data you need to bid, win, and service more profitable work with less time and effort. These systems, like industry-leading solutions Go iLawn and LandOne, allow contractors to collect, connect, and visualize the essential data needed to make informed decisions about how to operate and scale their businesses.

Why use property intelligence tools?

Increase accuracy and precision

Property intelligence tools help contractors gather accurate information about the properties they service. Solutions that use high-res imagery and precision measuring tools allow users to quickly and easily collect precise property measurements while simultaneously performing an initial site inspection—without ever leaving the office.

As the basis for all other operations across your business, accurate property measurements create a positive ripple effect of precision and intelligence across your organization. This leads to accurate estimates, profitable pricing, and efficient crew scheduling and routing.

To trust the data your organization relies on to make decisions, you need to start with a trusted source of truth: precise property measurements.

Do more work in less time

Property intelligence tools don’t just help you collect accurate information about your prospect and customer properties but empower you to be more productive with less effort. A property intelligence tool streamlines your operations and decreases (maybe even removes) some of your manual processes.

Now, your teams can focus their time on higher-value activities like generating more bids and closing more deals.

Surface growth opportunities

You need comprehensive, accurate data to make informed decisions. Property intelligence allows you to uncover insights about your operations, crews, and processes. It’s easier to see where your business is performing best and where you’re falling short. 

Arming yourself with complete property intelligence data before making decisions allows you to identify successful patterns and areas of improvement.

Grow your business with property intelligence tools

It’s time to overcome the difficulties of the landscape industry. Implementing a property intelligence tool for your company is simple and easy—and it can accommodate your old processes for a seamless transition.

Book a call with our team to learn more about Aspire’s property intelligence tools and see how they can help you collect, connect, and visualize essential property data without the headaches.

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