Gain a competitive advantage as an employer with Aspire Pay OnDemand

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Abby Hart


Apr 6, 2021

Gain a competitive advantage as an employer with Aspire Pay OnDemand

If you’re processing payroll with IPS, Aspire’s payroll partner, and have yet to implement the Aspire Pay OnDemand program, maybe you’re overwhelmed with your current payroll problems and haven’t had time to look into the program. Or maybe you’re skeptical that you can start using the program quickly and easily and achieve benefits like increased retention and efficiency at no cost to you, the employer. Regardless, if you aren’t taking advantage of this unique program, you may be missing out as an employer on a highly valuable “secret weapon.”

At Aspire, we want to make sure that we keep you informed of our offerings and answer any questions you might have. Here are some basic details about Aspire Pay OnDemand and some of the benefits that our clients are experiencing.

What is Aspire Pay OnDemand?

Developed to help our customers recruit and retain employees in their landscaping businesses, the Aspire Pay OnDemand program allows employers to provide employees with easy access to a portion of their earned but unpaid net wages in advance of payday.

Each day, hourly employees’ time is submitted through the Crew Mobile app. Daily hours for salaried employees automatically populate in "Earned Wage Hours" within Aspire payroll at a predetermined time. Employees are then eligible to initiate an earned wage advance based on the populated hours.

What does Aspire Pay OnDemand cost?

There is no cost to the employer. The employee is charged $1 per $100 of earned wages.

What are some of the program’s benefits?

It’s helping increase employee attendance and morale.
“Increased employee attendance has been the biggest takeaway from using the program,” says Baylie Pezold, project specialist at Burcham Companies. She adds that Burcham’s employees are holding themselves more accountable, making sure to clock in and out and showing up to work with fewer absences.

In addition, with Aspire Pay OnDemand, managers are approving and reviewing hours in a more timely manner because they know employees count on their funds showing up on the app. According to Pezold, the $1 fee encourages employees to access money in larger amounts.

“(Our employees) know they can’t rely on this forever,” Pezold says, “but they are definitely very grateful we offer it.”

It’s easy to use.
Pezold says that the program has been easy to administer and that employees find it simple to use.

“It takes about 5 minutes for a Visa card to be issued to the employee,” she says. “There have been times where an employee would call me about needing money in the next 2-3 hours and I would be able to assign a card and then make sure the syncing from Aspire worked for money to show up as available.”

It's saving time.
Nicole Winter, vice president, MW Lawn & Landscape says that the Pay OnDemand program has saved time from having to create checks for employees and prevents issues when payroll managers are out of the office. “It puts the money in the employee’s hand immediately versus them having to wait for someone to approve and create their check,” she adds.

It’s giving companies an edge over their competition.
“This program allows us to promote a perk that I have not seen our competition promote,” says Norma Avalos, executive assistant to the CEO, Yard-Nique. “It certainly gives us an advantage anytime we have access to something that separates us, and it’s allowed us to retain employees when they frequently use this benefit since it’s not something that is commonly offered by our competitors.”

How do I learn more?

For more details on the Aspire Pay OnDemand program, please contact Coray Grove at Integrated Payroll Services (IPS) at cgrove@ipsonline.net or 314-561-9899.

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