Eliminate accounts receivable headaches with Crew Control payments

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Abby Hart


Nov 18, 2021

Eliminate accounts receivable headaches with Crew Control payments

You might already be aware that Crew Control takes the hassle out of scheduling your techs, teams, or crews. This fall, Aspire released payments in Crew Control to help service providers get paid more easily. Now you can offer your clients the flexibility to pay using several convenient—and secure—electronic payment options.

Crew Control also integrates with QuickBooks Online to allow you to seamlessly manage the status of your receivables, but you don’t need to be on QuickBooks Online to use our payment solution.

Here’s how Crew Control can alleviate billing and payment headaches for you and your clients:


Get paid faster—and improve your cash flow

Crew Control is streamlining the payment process by providing you with tools to manage billing and allowing your clients to quickly and easily remit payment electronically, without the need to keep track of loose checks or paper invoices.

Customers can opt to pay via credit card or ACH (also known as bank transfer). Any stored credit card and banking details are protected by our secure, payment card industry (PCI)-compliant solution, which means only the last four digits of the account number are visible once entered.

Credit card transactions carry a default 2.89% processing fee, plus $0.20 per transaction. Crew Control offers the option of adding a 3% convenience fee to card transactions, so your client covers your processing fee.

Offer your clients more flexibility

Providing the ability to pay quickly by credit card or transfer isn’t just convenient for you, it’s convenient for your clients. Crew Control also offers the flexibility to offer recurring and per-service invoicing so you can ensure your accounts are being billed at intervals specified by the client.

Be more efficient with your time

Crew Control allows you to quickly create and email invoices, set up contract billing, and accept payments within the platform with just a few clicks.

Managing contracts has never been easier: simply add start and end dates, billing frequency, and payment details. Crew Control will automatically process payments based on the schedule you set and send a receipt to the customer. Setting up and sending regular invoices is just as simple, with the ability to create line items and select how to deliver the invoice—by email or text—right from the invoicing window. Upon receipt, your customers can quickly submit payment from desktop or mobile.

Using an integrated billing and payments solution also prevents the confusion that can result from matching invoices to payments made using third-party payment systems like PayPal or Venmo.

Bill more accurately

The sooner you can provide a detailed, complete invoice after service, the more accurate your invoicing process is—and the easier your month-end closing will be. From the billing work center, you can easily view work not invoiced, open invoices, paid invoices, and payment history to help ensure you never forget to bill an account.

Integrate your existing QuickBooks Online financials

QuickBooks Online users who integrate their accounts with Crew Control can enjoy these added features:

  • In addition to charging a card saved on file, Crew Control allows you to email invoices through QuickBooks Online or send an invoice to QuickBooks Online to print; and
  • The services you’ve created in QuickBooks Online automatically populate in Crew Control for easier invoicing

If you don’t use QuickBooks Online, you can still take advantage of Crew Control’s payment functionality to streamline invoicing and provide flexible, convenient electronic payment options to your customers.

Want to see Crew Control payments in action? Check out this video to learn more.

Get started with Crew Control payments

It’s easy to begin using the new payments functionality in Crew Control! Just go to your account settings and enable ‘Payments.’ If you’re new to Crew Control, simply fill out the required details when you sign up.

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