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You might already be aware that Aspire Crew Control takes the hassle out of scheduling your landscaping crews, but a recent update to the platform is tackling another major issue for landscaping contractors: Collecting payments from clients. 

Do you currently use QuickBooks? Aspire Crew Control payments integrates with QuickBooks online, but you don’t need to be on QuickBooks to use our payment system.

Here’s how Aspire Crew Control is working to ease billing headaches for you and your clients.  

Get paid faster—and improve your cash flow 

Aspire Crew Control is streamlining the payment process by allowing your clients to store cards on file. Your clients can pay outstanding invoices quickly and easily, without the need to keep track of loose checks or paper invoices. Credit card charges with the platform carry a 2.89% processing fee, plus $0.20 per transaction.  

Saving credit cards

Be more efficient with your time 

Aspire Crew Control allows you to create and email invoices, set your contract billing, and take payments from the platform with just a few clicks. 

Setting up invoices is easy with the ability to create line items right from the invoicing feature. Simplify contract billing by adding start and end dates, as well as billing frequency. The platform will automatically send invoices based on the schedules you set. You can also easily view work not invoiced, open invoices, paid invoices, and payment history all from the Aspire Crew Control billing work center.  

Contract billing

Offer your clients more flexibility 

The ability to pay quickly and by credit card isn’t just convenient for you, it’s convenient for your clients. The platform also offers the flexibility to provide recurring and per service invoicing so you can ensure your accounts are being billed at intervals specified by the client.  

Bill more accurately 

The faster you can provide a detailed, complete invoice after service, the more accurate your invoicing process is—and the easier your month-end closing will be. The visibility the platform provides into your work not invoiced, open, and paid invoices ensures that you won’t forget to bill an account.  

Creating invoices

Integrate your existing QuickBooks financials 

QuickBooks online users enjoy similar features, but with a couple more add-ons: 

  • In addition to charging a card saved on file, Aspire Crew Control allows you to email invoices through QuickBooks or send an invoice to QuickBooks to print; and 
  • The landscape services you’ve created in QuickBooks automatically populate as services in Crew Control for easier invoicing.

Want to see Aspire Crew Control payments in action? Check out this video tutorial on payments to view a demonstration. To become a part of this feature currently in beta testing, click here to sign up today!