Deploying landscape management software as a team

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Kevin Kehoe


Apr 12, 2018

Deploying landscape management software as a team

In the military, deployment means to spread the troops out strategically, to be ready. It encompasses all activity from home station through their destination.

Similarly, in business management software, deployment encompasses all of the activities that make a software system ready and available for use. These setup and training activities need to be customized on the producer side and on the consumer side.

Working Together for Landscape Management Software Deployment

Teamwork in Landscape Management Software DeploymentRealistically integrated software deployment will take a few months for you and your software provider to complete effectively. Why?

Previously, all of your different work processes and data fields were held independently from each other. Now, integrating all of these buckets will require you and your team to make a lot of decisions during deployment on how to set up best practices and system features according to your company's unique intricacies.

Deployment also requires expertise on the part of your software partner because you cannot always foresee the “downstream” ramifications of your set-up decisions.

Landscape Management Software Deployment Best Practices

Let’s keep it simple. Here’s what happens in a smooth deployment.

1.) Data Conversion

You probably already have collections of data including contact information, proposal templates, pricing strategy etc.

Your software partner will move information from your old systems to your new one. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

2.) Accounting Setup

Your partner will show you how to set up your financials for proper reporting and budgeting.

This is essential as the decisions made in this step will effect your numbers and margin reports.

3.) Sales & Service Implementation

Naturally, with any new toy, you will be chomping the bit to start estimating and managing contracts in the system.

This is good news.

Since everything starts with the right price on the estimate, the faster you do this the sooner your salespeople and account managers can start accurately bidding their projects and seeing their results.

4.) Production Time

The last step in deployment is moving your production operations onto the system.

Setting up your crews on mobile phones will eliminate paper, improve accuracy, and provide you with real time job costing and percent complete.


That’s deployment in a nutshell!

Since it is an essential and necessary part of setting up a fully integrated landscape management software program, you'll want to make sure your software partner knows what their role is.

For more information on how to deploy new landscape management software, check out the checklist below.

Software Deployment Checklist


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