Bid jobs in minutes, not hours, with electronic proposals in Crew Control

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Robin Mefford


Jan 31, 2022

Bid jobs in minutes, not hours, with electronic proposals in Crew Control

We’re committed to helping contractors work smarter and accomplish more in less time. That’s why we focus so heavily on continuously improving Crew Control and adding new tools designed to help our users streamline their processes, operate more efficiently, and provide the best possible customer experience.

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest improvement to Crew Control: electronic proposals. Now you can effortlessly generate professional bids and quickly deliver them to customers via email or text, making it easier than ever to bid and win work.

With this release, we’re also rolling out Crew Control Plus, a new subscription level that allows users like you to select the toolkit that best meets your business needs. As a Plus subscriber, you’ll receive Crew Control’s new electronic proposals functionality, in addition to all the features you’re already accustomed to using.

Here’s how bidding work with Crew Control will benefit your business:


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Stay organized and on top of your leads. 

With this update, Crew Control now features a bidding workspace, where users can quickly add, organize, and manage leads to ensure each opportunity is followed up on and nothing gets overlooked.

Adding new leads is easy: simply enter the contact information, property address, and add any pertinent notes or attachments like photos, PDFs, or spreadsheets used for calculating your estimate. Newly added leads automatically populate individual tiles in the ‘to-do’ column, where they stay visible until you’re ready to bid the work.


Deliver professional proposals in minutes, not hours. 

When you’re ready to begin estimating a job, just drag and drop it to the “in progress” column where you can easily assemble your bid.

Once you click into the job, you can quickly add dates to the proposal, select the delivery method (email or text), and edit and personalize the message to the recipient. After entering your custom line items and relevant details, you can also attach any necessary files for internal reference as well as adding your company’s terms and conditions to the footer.

That’s it—your bid is complete and ready to send instantaneously via email or text. Upon sending, the related job tile automatically moves to the ‘proposal’ column in the bidding workspace, and your customer receives a preview of the estimate and can click through to view more detail or to ‘accept’ the bid.


Easily see the status of each opportunity. 

As soon as your bid is opened, an envelope icon appears to show it’s been viewed. Each tile displays a status of ‘pending’ until the bid is either rejected, accepted, or scheduled. Once won, work can be easily scheduled, right from the proposal tile in the bidding workspace; all existing details carry seamlessly over to the job on the schedule board. It’s that easy.

Want to see Crew Control's new bidding functionality in action? Check out this video to learn more.

Get started with electronic proposals in Crew Control. 

It’s easy to start managing leads and bidding work in Crew Control! After you upgrade your account to Crew Control Plus (log into your account and go to: Settings > Manage Subscription), you can access the bidding workspace via the ‘sales’ option in the tool bar.

If you’re new to Crew Control, you can try out proposals at no cost when you sign up for your free, 14-day trial. Current users can upgrade their account to Crew Control Plus at any time by visiting: 'Settings > Manage Subscription.'

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