Better to Best: Is your landscape business profitable?

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Kevin Kehoe


Oct 5, 2015

Better to Best: Is your landscape business profitable?

Are you making money?  Is your landscape business profitable?

Good questions! Unless you marry your transactional processes (what your people do everyday – estimate, schedule, keep time, purchase and invoice) to your profit center financial reporting, you will never be able to answer that basic question. You will forever be flying blind.

How Do You Make Your Landscape Business More Profitable?

The answer involves more than just software. It involves focusing on work flow discipline and the business tactics that drive money making…

  1. Culture: People are the problem and the answer. Hire and fire for it… until you get it.
  2. Speed: Service response is good. Anticipation is best.
  3. Information in “real time”: You can’t manage what HAS happened… you can manage what WILL.
  4. Salesmanship: Yes… nice landscape matters, but value sells… the guy with the best mousetrap DOES NOT always win!

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