Aligning technology to your landscape business goals

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Kim Oswalt


Aug 2, 2021

Aligning technology to your landscape business goals

In 2021, the technology you use to run your landscaping business shouldn’t be an afterthought. The platform you choose can have a serious impact on your company’s ability to reach its goals. Working with a frankensystem of disjointed solutions and manual processes doesn’t just slow down progress, it can actually send you in the wrong direction—often without even realizing it.

When you use a comprehensive business management system like Aspire Landscape, you can confidently set and measure realistic goals. Aspire connects all of your data—from estimating and scheduling to purchasing, invoicing, job costing, and more—so you have full visibility into your business operations. This level of insight allows you to stay on track by making more informed, proactive decisions.

Real-time data

Accurate, real-time job costing data is critical if you want to monitor progress effectively.

Aspire Landscape’s best-in-the-industry job costing features yield real-time insights by division, service type, property, manager, crew leader, or work ticket—allowing you to get as granular as possible to review expenses‚ and make changes if necessary.


Most landscape contractors underestimate their costs by at least 1%, which adds up to $48,000 in lost profits for a $3 million company. One of the quickest ways to boost revenue without incurring additional costs is to evaluate your estimating process. The more accurate your bids, the better chance you’ll have at reaching your goals.

To make the bidding process more efficient and accurate, Aspire Landscape allows you to create kits—sets of commonly used items with pricing associated. (For example, you could have a shrub kit that includes the cost of the plant, soil, mulch, and labor hours needed for installation.) You can even set up templates for bidding similar types of jobs.

This doesn’t just save you time in the long run—it also increases consistency and accuracy between estimates.


Software can’t help you reach your full potential on its own. It needs users to build and review reports, update work tickets, assign pricing, and distribute schedules. To get the most out of any platform, users need to be equipped for success through a robust implementation process and dedicated support services.

At Aspire Software, our commitment to customer success starts with a 60-day implementation process and continues with our AspireCare support team, client success managers, and on-demand knowledge base. Aspire Landscape has the power to take your business to the next level, and we’re here to make sure you get there.


Technology doesn’t have to be your enemy. If you can harness its potential to bring your business processes together under one roof, it can unlock the level of real-time visibility and flexibility you need to identify—and exceed—your landscape company’s goals.

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