After GIE … what’s next? The Aspire Landscape product road map

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Kevin Kehoe


Nov 7, 2017

After GIE … what’s next? The Aspire Landscape product road map

If you missed the GIE (Green Industry Expo) in Louisville, you missed a great and educational show. And you also happened to miss the live launch of our latest version of our landscape and snow management software: Aspire business management software Version 4.0. (But, if you did miss it, don’t worry. I welcome you to contact us if you are interested in learning more about the new version).

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In the four years since we first launched Version 1.0, we delivered three new versions in each of those years before Version 4.0. Each of these prior versions and Version 4.0 were our responses to client requests and new technology, which we can uniquely deliver through our Cloud interface.

This suggests that one important criterion to consider in any purchase, but in particular with software, is past product development and enhancements. This is usually a good indicator of what to expect in the future. Specifically, it predicts the answer to an important question: Will your software partner continue to reinvest in their product(s)? As a buyer, you want to know TODAY, when you make your decision, whether the product will be better TOMORROW.

Product RoadmapOne way to make this determination is to review past product development history – the historical “road map.” The other way is to look at the future road map. The product road map is the plan for new versions and enhancements. These should be driven by customer needs and changes in technology, as well as reflect the vision of the software provider.

Now that I’ve said all this, what can you expect from The Aspire Software Company? After our Version 4.0 release – which adds (1) equipment management, (2) snow subcontractor integration, (3) bid-build schedule of values estimating, and most exciting for me, (4) the new site walk phone app – we are hard at work on the Version 4.1 release for Spring 2018.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect…

 Release 4.1 – Spring 2018

  • Facial Recognition for Crew Mobile Time
  • Automated Route Optimization
  • Integrated Electronic Credit Card Payment
  • Automated Crew Mobile Equipment Tracking
  • Electronic Client Signatures
  • HubSpot Marketing Integration

In the software world, technology and client needs are driving all of us to be faster and better at what we do. Before you purchase, take a hard look at the past and consider it alongside the future road map to make certain your partner has a vision and plan to grow with you.

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