9 janitorial business marketing strategies to drive growth

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Jun 13, 2022

9 janitorial business marketing strategies to drive growth

Janitorial business owners know what it takes to provide top-quality cleaning services for their commercial or residential clients. While their expertise encompasses everything from the latest disinfection techniques to advanced cleaning equipment, their cleaning business marketing may need a little polishing.

The janitorial services industry market grows an average of 4.2% annually, according to IBISWorld research. To capture a portion of this growth, cleaning companies should implement proven marketing strategies to set their businesses apart from the competition.

While many small businesses in the cleaning industry rely on word-of-mouth referrals or simply janitorial business cards, successful cleaning marketing depends on a well-formed marketing plan with measured results.

If you seek more customers (and profit) for your janitorial business, consider these effective marketing practices:

  1. Create a janitorial marketing plan
  2. Build a cleaning business website
  3. Advertise locally
  4. Invest in digital marketing
  5. Optimize email marketing
  6. Utilize direct mail
  7. Deliver 5-star customer service
  8. Manage online reviews
  9. Leverage real-time data

Create a janitorial marketing plan

Just as a cleaning business owner creates a janitorial business plan for a new business, a marketing plan defines your company’s goals and creates a roadmap for how you will reach them.

A residential cleaning or commercial cleaning business marketing plan should include your company’s key objectives, marketing budget, target market for new customers, preferred marketing channels, and methods to measure marketing results.

To reach more potential clients, service businesses should consider a multi-channel marketing approach. This combines several marketing efforts, such as direct mail pieces with social media advertising, like Facebook ads.

Many janitorial companies choose janitorial business management software, such as Aspire, part of the ServiceTitan family of companies, to streamline their business operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Build a cleaning business website

Whether your company offers commercial cleaning services or house cleaning services, a business website does much more than display your company name and phone number online.

Combined with digital marketing strategies, your website enables your company to rank at the top of a Google search and allows more potential customers to see your professional services. Here are a few tips for creating a stellar janitorial business website:

  • Make it mobile-friendly.
  • Showcase your unique cleaning services or techniques.
  • Include top positive reviews or customer testimonials to establish trust.
  • Promote your awards, professional memberships, and community commitment.

Advertise locally

Maximize your cleaning company marketing dollars by advertising locally. Since 97% of search engine users go online to find a local business, according to WebFX, it’s imperative your janitorial company ranks at the top of a local search.

Update your Google Business Profile with accurate contact information. Consider investing in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), which allows you to choose a location radius for where your janitorial ads appear. Online profiles on LinkedIn, Yelp, or Facebook work to promote your janitorial company.

Consider joining your local chamber of commerce or sponsoring community events, which shows your commitment to the community while promoting your business. Get creative. Depending on the demographic of your target audience, consider placing your janitorial or carpet-cleaning business cards in unusual or unexpected locations.

Invest in digital marketing

While you may not consider yourself a digital marketing expert, janitorial companies can reap tangible benefits by ensuring their company shows up when potential customers search online for a local cleaning company.

Organize your website so users and search engines find your company, deliver useful content, and convey trust, says Brandon Doyle, Director of Marketing for Blue Corona, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in the trades and a ServiceTitan-certified partner.

“If you can do that through your website and digital marketing campaigns, you’re going to win on Google,” Brandon says. “And winning on Google looks like more qualified leads, sales, and increased revenue for your business.”

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to better position your janitorial website in search engine rankings, and consider which forms of content marketing best suit your audience—whether informational blog posts, videos, or social media posts.

Optimize email marketing

Use your existing customer information to create targeted email campaigns, delivering the right message to the right customer. Consider email campaigns for soon-to-expire cleaning contracts, open janitorial estimates, or re-engaging previous customers with special discounts.

Email makes it easier on your customers. With Aspire janitorial business management software, you can deliver bids straight to the customer. They can approve it with their digital signature, either through email or the Aspire Janitorial customer portal.

While many commercial cleaning marketing efforts focus on generating new customers, email works as a great follow-up and keeps your current customers engaged with your business.

Utilize direct mail

If your company seeks to widen its customer base, direct mail cuts through the digital clutter and gets your cleaning company’s name directly in the hands of potential clients.
Whether it’s janitorial brochures or postcards announcing your services, or a coupon for new customers, direct mail can work to your advantage. According to the Data & Marketing Association, 42.2% of direct mail recipients read or scan the mail they receive. Plus, recipients may store a direct mail piece for later reference, or pass it on to family or friends.

Deliver 5-star customer service

The best janitorial business marketing won’t make much of a difference if your company doesn’t deliver impressive service.

Aspire business management software enables you to standardize and streamline your inspection process with its site audit tool. Not only does this ensure your team won’t overlook details in the field, but it also allows them to note issues, or upsell opportunities, and directly transition them into work tickets.

Aspire communication features give your customers a quick and easy way to give you feedback, as well as sign proposals, ask questions, and pay invoices. When you deliver great customer service from start to finish, you’re more likely to gain more word-of-mouth referrals and attract and retain new clients.

Manage online reviews

Since 98% of consumers read online reviews for a local business, according to a BrightLocal local consumer review survey, the importance of positive reviews cannot be overstated in marketing a cleaning company. Positive reviews build trust and give potential customers confidence that your company delivers quality service.

Stay proactive so your janitorial company promptly fixes any issues, and don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on your preferred review platform. Respond positively to any negative reviews to show your cleaning company operates professionally and aims for high standards.

Leverage real-time data

Measuring the success of your janitorial business enables you to develop effective strategies for future growth.

In your janitorial business marketing, calculate your return on investment to determine if your campaigns generated meaningful results, such as number of leads or new customers.

Aspire gives janitorial company owners powerful reporting capabilities, enabling them to gain complete insight into their companies. Filter data by division, service type, property, manager, team leader, job, or work ticket to quickly understand your actual job costs.

When you can proactively evaluate your company performance, it enables you to make improvements and advance toward growth.

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