Top 5 reasons to integrate GPS equipment tracking with your BMS

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Eric Mann


Nov 7, 2019

Top 5 reasons to integrate GPS equipment tracking with your BMS


A GPS equipment tracking system can provide many advantages to your business, including reducing fuel costs, monitoring fleet safety, delivering better services, and improving overall efficiency. Implementing a GPS tool that integrates with your business management software, like Aspire’s integration with FleetSharp GPS, can make an even greater impact on your business.

Below are five reasons you should consider integrating your GPS equipment tracking with your business management software.

1. Having All Data in One System

A common issue with many GPS systems solutions is that users must continually switch back and forth between systems to view all their data. However, few GPS systems offer the ability to sync with your business management software. Solutions offering this type of integration enable you to store all your data in one place. When decisions need to be made, they often must be made quickly, and having the ability to access and analyze all your data within one system greatly simplifies the decision-making process.

2. Monitoring Crew Activity within the Geofence

Geofencing is an amazing feature provided by many GPS units that enables parameters to be set up around a jobsite. Having the ability to tell when crews are present or not can help you catch absenteeism and improve job costing by identifying which costs are related to travel and which accrue on the jobsite. This functionality also provides greater accuracy to estimating and payroll. However, having to manually enter the data to map out geofences is time-consuming and tedious, so it’s essential for large operations to use a system that automates and standardizes the geofencing process.

3. Driver Scorecards, Alerts, Driving Behavior/Safety

Do you know who are your best drivers? Having the right people behind the wheel can help protect equipment by ensuring the vehicle is driven properly. Harsh driving habits, like braking abruptly or accelerating quickly, can shorten a vehicle’s lifetime and increase the likelihood of expensive repairs—not to mention the added hassle of being a vehicle short while it’s under repair. Having a GPS unit that can capture your drivers’ habits, determine how they are performing, give them a grade, and make the information accessible within your business management software has tremendous value. Using the scorecards to catch and correct poor driving behavior enables you to proactively prevent wear and tear, saving you time and money in the long term.

4. Automatically Track Maintenance Intervals

Tracking maintenance indicators, such as mileage and equipment hours, on vehicles and equipment is a key component of responsible operations. However, that is often easier said than done. When you have hundreds of pieces of equipment and dozens of vehicles, these details are nearly impossible to manually track. Handwritten logs and spreadsheets can’t keep up—but you surely don’t want a vehicle to run 15,000 miles without an oil change—so something must be done to protect the equipment. Using a GPS tracking system that integrates with your business management software provides automation for the process. Information is synced directly between the two platforms and alerts/reminders are created to notify you when maintenance is due, streamlining the tracking process and helping protect your equipment.

5. Easy Installation and Set Up

GPS tracking can be difficult and time consuming to set up. Having to hard wire units into vehicles can quickly turn into a nightmare. Similar to repairs, time spent on installation is time during which the vehicle is not in service. That’s why it’s important to find a system that offers a simple set up that’s as easy as plugging the unit into the vehicle. Quick installation and effortless integration help ensure that your vehicles are up and running for your crews. 

The Aspire Software and FleetSharp Integration

During development of this integration, Aspire and FleetSharp took steps to ensure data syncs seamlessly between the two systems so it can be easily accessed in one location and utilized in many useful ways. From automatically generating geofences on job sites to providing insight into workers’ driving habits, this integration is designed to simplify your job and provide you with accurate information for making better informed decisions. Even better, installation is a simple ‘plug-and-play’ process: simply plug the unit into the vehicle and GPS data will sync directly to the Equipment module in Aspire.

This integration is not only designed to help improve operations in ways that can impact your bottom line but the partnership between Aspire and FleetSharp also provides users with other valuable benefits. FleetSharp, like Aspire, develops their product in house which enables them to build and roll out new features with agility. Because of the proximity of the two companies, our teams are able to work closely together and have developed a seamless partnership. FleetSharp is fully committed to the success of Aspire customers; in fact, Aspire partners will always have a dedicated strategic account manager to consult with directly, so you’ll never be faced with navigating confusing support menus. We believe the functionality provided by this integration, combined with FleetSharp’s commitment to service, make this GPS system an ideal tracking solution for any Aspire Software customer.

To learn more about using GPS equipment tracking with Aspire and FleetSharp contact Julia.Kehoe@youraspire.com or watch our recent webinar!

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