3 key reasons to implement integrated technology in your landscaping business

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Robin Mefford


Feb 14, 2020

3 key reasons to implement integrated technology in your landscaping business

In today’s world, determining what technology is or isn’t vital to running your landscaping business can be challenging. Some solutions merely provide a convenience while others offer the potential to greatly impact your business. In fact, some solutions—like an industry-specific business management platform—even have the capability to transform your entire business.

While there are a multitude of potential benefits to your company and staff, here are three key reasons for company owners and general managers to implement an integrated landscape management platform in their business. Software solutions that provide end-to-end functionality enable you to:

  1. Consolidate your business to one platform
  2. Get better visibility into your business
  3. Become a more profitable organization

So, how exactly does an integrated software system help you achieve these objectives? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Consolidating to One Platform

Utilizing multiple types of software to process, manage, and/or store your company’s information in various ways may seem like the smart thing to do—but if your solutions aren’t connected and don’t integrate to communicate seamlessly with each other, they provide absolutely no benefit to your business. While on the surface these solutions may give the impression that they’re helping you or your team, the reality is: all they’re helping you do is maintain your data in separate silos.

Landscape management platforms enable you to compile and store your business’s data in one place for seamless, company-wide sharing and accessibility. When information is made available to users across the entire organization, your staff is better equipped to do their jobs and ultimately your business will run more seamlessly and efficiently. More importantly, as an owner or general manager, you’ll have access to the data you need to understand exactly how your landscaping business is performing.

2. Gaining Visibility

If gauging the overall health of your landscaping business is a struggle, that’s a clear indication that you’re likely not equipped to make truly informed decisions. Unfortunately for many, this is the norm: maintaining multiple spreadsheets and manually completing complex calculations only to discover there’s still uncertainty about the company’s actual performance. Without reliable and accurate visibility into how the business is doing, owners and general managers can’t gather the insights they need to make important business decisions.

Thankfully, there is a better way. Landscape management platforms that offer true end-to-end functionality enable full visibility into the activities and performance of the business. With access to real-time data, owners and general managers can gain clear insight into every aspect of their business operations—each division, service, customer, service, job, ticket, account manager, and/or crew—to understand exactly what’s impacting the business (good or bad) and make decisions with confidence.

3. Becoming More Profitable

Without an integrated software platform, landscaping business owners and general managers face inherent challenges—including lack of access to information, reduced visibility into performance, and inadequate insight to make decisions—that inhibit profitability and hinder growth.

However, with an end-to-end business management solution in place, these challenges are resolved, and the factors that contribute to profitability fall into place. Company owners and general managers can access the data needed to properly assess their business’s performance and make informed decisions to adjust course, if necessary. The end result? Healthy profit margins.

As a company owner or general manager, gaining full visibility into business activities and performance is crucial to making informed decisions that drive profitability. In the end, whether you’re implementing new software or replacing your current technology, having the right business management platform in place is crucial to ensuring your business’s success.

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