The best janitorial podcasts and resources to level up your business in 2023

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Dave Kedzior


Feb 9, 2023

The best janitorial podcasts and resources to level up your business in 2023

Every year, Aspire publishes a blog focusing on trending podcasts that speak to the commercial cleaning industry. These podcasts offer a variety of topics that allow business owners to keep close tabs on market data, tips and tricks for business management, and help you to increase productivity.;

With so much going on, it can be tricky for business owners to stay in the know about the happenings within the industry and what trends are worth monitoring. Aspire takes the time to keep up with additional resources to share and help you keep your finger on the pulse.

Beyond podcasts, we've collected several outlets with industry associations for your benefit. These outlets provide advice and trade tips for all sizes and shapes of cleaning organizations. Their information is invaluable when driving growth or expanding into new sectors. These resources are at the forefront of the cleaning industry, constantly publishing reports, surveys, and market sizes, all for the benefit of cleaning companies like yours.

Finally, we’ve included some cleaning industry blog recommendations. These more casual reads provide a diverse range of valuable information. A great benefit to reading cleaning industry blogs is that there are so many different topics and so many opinions that you can pick and choose what topics are most relevant to your business and compare others’ experiences with yours.;

As you browse our recommendations, consider how different information may serve your business. Consider your employees, continuing education possibilities, strategies for partnerships, boosting workforce morale, and so on. Don’t just look for resources to enhance your operations and grow profits.;


Podcasts are a great way to consume information on the go. You can listen to podcasts in a car or during a leisure activity, such as walking or running. They can be listened to live or downloaded at any time. Most are free, and users can subscribe to get a consistent feed of future downloads.

Podcasts in the commercial cleaning industry can range from 15 to 45 minutes. They cover topics related to business, marketing, employee retention, and discussions around new products and trends.

Many of these podcasts have been vetted by user reviews and top-rated, so you can be assured that these recommendations are useful to your business. Most of these podcasts are conducted by industry professionals and subject matter experts and may even include guest speakers offering motivational topics or new opinions. Regardless of your business goals or needs, finding an outlet relevant to you should be easy.

Here are our top 10 picks for commercial cleaning podcasts:

Grow My Cleaning Company’s Podcast

Do you want to grow your cleaning company? Listen in and discover the secrets to growing your cleaning company as host Mike Campion coaches owners of cleaning companies about employees, hiring, firing, marketing, sales, systems, and all things business (and a guest expert now and again). 

Keep It Clean! A Pro Cleaning Industry Podcast

The path for the professional cleaning and restoration business owner isn’t easy or defined. Frustration is expected and the next steps aren’t always clear. Host Dane Gregory has over 35 years of experience in every residential and commercial cleaning industry level.

Cleaning Up: A Commercial Cleaning Podcast

A podcast about all things business, commercial cleaning, and franchising! Each episode brings new insights into growing and building a janitorial business. Join the discussion on business, franchising, and all things cleaning. Hosted by Damien Boehm.

Blue Collar Proud Show

Same Show, NEW Name! Join the community of thousands of blue-collar business owners who are strengthening their businesses, the Blue-Collar Proud Way. This weekly show hosted by Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill features interviews with leading authors, speakers, coaches, and successful business owners who want to build a better world by strengthening blue-collar companies. 

The Profitable Cleaner

Welcome to The Profitable Cleaner, a podcast for any entrepreneur or business owner in the commercial cleaning space. The mission of this podcast is simple; to give you the best and most actionable sales tips when it comes to selling more commercial cleaning contracts.

In the Janitor’s Closet

Host Connor Minogue talks to rising leaders in the janitorial industry about how to build and maintain a successful commercial cleaning company.

Toolbox for the Trades

Toolbox for the Trades features tips, tricks, and tactics by highly successful service professionals in the trades. Hosted by Jackie Aubel, the podcast is brought to you by ServiceTitan, the parent company of Aspire, the provider of all-in-one business management software for janitorial companies. Podcast episodes highlight stories and strategies to help service businesses improve leadership, increase efficiency, and grow insightfully.

Clean Biz Network Podcast

This podcast, hosted by AJ Simmons, aims to help independent and franchise cleaning business owners start and grow their companies. Recent podcast episodes include finding the right partner for your business, finding your first customer, and avoiding mistakes in your cleaning business.

Find your favorite podcast here

Podcasts for commercial cleaning can be found on many different platforms, but the most popular include the following:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Audible

Consider sharing any podcast with your employees or other members of your organization–especially those in leadership positions. You never know what may trigger an inspiring thought or your next great idea!

Industry associations


ISSA is the leading cleaning industry trade association worldwide, with over 10,500 distributors, manufacturers, contractors, in-house providers, and associated service members.

ISSA helps its members and employees make valuable contacts by curating some of the industry’s largest cleaning shows. ISSA also helps increase members’ professionalism and success through its popular global website and by offering business tools, educational products, industry standards, publications, and legislative and regulatory services that specifically focus on the professional cleaning industry. It is through these initiatives that ISSA helps its members demonstrate the true value of cleanliness to their varied constituents.


ARCSI is the residential arm of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association dedicated to improving the standard of professionalism in the residential cleaning industry. With ARCSI membership, organizations can position their business as the trusted business your customers need to succeed.


ACI serves the growth and innovation of the U.S. cleaning products industry. The organization works to advance public understanding of the safety and benefits of cleaning products and protect the ability of its members to formulate products that best meet consumer needs. It also shares information on cleaning and hygiene products' safe, beneficial, and proper use.


IJCSA is an international organization representing more than 5,000 members in more than 75 countries. Members include custodians, janitors, residential cleaners, small family-run businesses, medium-sized cleaning firms, and large cleaning and janitorial corporations operating in several locations. The IJCA website features updates and industry news, and provides online cleaning training and janitorial certification programs.

What about blogs?

Blogs are an excellent resource for learning different things like tips and tricks, products, and best practices in the commercial cleaning market. Count on hearing great insights from other cleaning professionals regarding various topics that can help you increase sales, retain customers, or explore new cleaning specialties. These blogs will also help you stay current with news and trends throughout the commercial cleaning industry. Many trending blogs focus on impactful topics around staff and field management, growth in the commercial cleaning market, or just industry opinions about various topics. The ones we have compiled include association blogs and cleaning forums.

Here are a few to get started:

Action Unlimited blog: Action Unlimited Resources assists cleaning company contractors and other industries by providing products and services focused on productivity and profitability. The company guides cleaning company contractors through what they need, including using the right products and proper employee training. The blog delves into various topics, from recommended cleaning methods to properly training home cleaners and custodians.

Cleaning Business Today blog: The Cleaning Business Today blog is a resource for cleaning industry news and trends, covering topics such as upselling your business, eco-friendly cleaning services, and maintaining good air quality while cleaning a customer’s home.

Service Titan field service blog: Home and commercial service businesses use ServiceTitan software to help them work smarter, boost performance, and grow revenue. The software solution for the trades provides efficient scheduling, dispatching, job costing, customer payments and financing, payroll, marketing, and real-time reporting, among many other features. The ServiceTitan Toolbox includes blogs, webinars, podcasts, and free tools and guides full of expert information to help service companies improve management and operations, increase revenue, and maximize their business.

Aspire Software blog: If you’re looking for a comprehensive business management platform to help you grow your commercial cleaning company, Aspire may be the partner for you. Aspire is an all-in-one solution designed to help your organization manage your field staff, streamline operations, provide control of costs and estimates, and track the performance of your business through customized financial data reporting. The Aspire blog shares interesting insights to help you to improve your business with great industry insights and trends.

Regardless of how large your business is or the type of commercial cleaning business you perform, limited resources are available to help you better manage your business, grow to the next level, and better understand the industry trends and market conditions. We hope these resources will move you in the right direction for 2023!

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