Aspire + Clover Connect: Integrated Payments Just Make Cents

Wednesday, November 9 | 1:30pm CT

Getting paid shouldn’t be a hassle. Join us for this 30 minute discussion on how integrated credit card processing and ACH/eCheck payments powered by Clover Connect, offer flexibility, convenience, and improve cash flow - all from inside your Aspire account.


Aspire + Clover Connect = Integrated Payments

Join us to learn how you can offer more options and convenience to your customers, as well as improve cash flow and streamline your accounting workflows with integrated payments.  In this session, you'll learn:

  • About Clover Connect and our partnership

  • How ACH/echeck and credit card processing works

  • How easy integrated payments are inside Aspire

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Brian Schumacher

Brian Schumacher

Corporate Account Representative, Aspire

Samantha Trolio

Samantha Trolio

Partner Development Executive, Clover Connect

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