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Crew Control Scheduling Software

Eliminate the hassles and headaches of crew scheduling.

Overcome the challenges of scheduling your crews with Crew Control scheduling software, an easy-to-use, flexible—and affordable—solution that enables you to set up and optimize crew routes in just a few clicks.

Handle scheduling—and changes to your schedule—with ease.

Easily set up your schedule and make quick adjustments, when needed, to accommodate weather delays or other changes.

Stay on top of your jobs and in touch with your crews.

Make sure jobs never get skipped and your crews always have the information they need to do every job well.

Get insight into how to grow smarter and more profitably.

Understand customer profitability and crew efficiency so you can determine how to best scale your business while boosting your bottom line.

Save money and reduce drive time with Crew Control's routing capabilities.

Map visualizations.

Crew Control's routing functionality allows you quickly visualize where your crews are scheduled to work from a map view within the software.

One-click route optimization.

With Crew Control, optimizing your crew routes is no longer a guessing game. Simply, click 'optimize' and the software finds the best route.

Get started with Crew Control—in 60 seconds or less.

Yes—using Crew Control is truly as easy as it sounds!

After you sign up for your free Crew Control trial, you can literally schedule and dispatch jobs to your crews with just a few clicks.*

(Quick tip: it's easiest to get started on a tablet or computer)

Step 1:

Add your one-time or recurring jobs.

Step 2:

Enter the customer information and job details.

Step 3:

Dispatch the schedule to your crews' mobile device.

Simplify scheduling now!

Only $30/month per crew.

I love how simple Crew Control is to use!It took less than five minutes to train our employees, and we did not have to purchase any equipment. We simply send a text message to the crew leader's cell phone, and they have their work orders for the entire day.

Michal Bonfanti

Office Manager/Controller at Purgreen Group

Crew Control is very easy to use and understand! And having the ability to type notes or create, manage, and change checklists in Spanish is super helpful when you have crew members who are not strong in English.

We used Excel for several years to keep our accounts serviced, which resulted in unhappy customers and even cancelled services. Other solutions we researched were 'complicated and expensive.' Crew Control has truly been a life-saver. Our crews operate more efficiently, we're not missing out on invoicing the 'extras,' and our customers are happy!

Bill Hester

Account Manager at Low Country Landscaping

Before Crew Control, we managed 250+ properties WEEKLY with handwritten, manual processes. We tried another system for a year; it was overpriced and complicated for both admin and user. If you're a small to medium-sized business and not sure about the added expense, it pays for itself! Between time saved scheduling, not having to wait for papers to be turned in each day, being able to invoice immediately, and keeping track of customer you skipped two weeks in a row due to weather—it's a serious game changer!

Taylor Steele

Chief of Operations at Rea Landscape Management

Having the ability to plan ahead, prepare for our jobs better, and make sure they all get done efficiently was a big step in the right direction for us. With details and photos included for each job, we have less confusion, quicker response times, and fewer call backs. And although crews typically don't like change, our crews have liked this change. No need to carry paper schedules—and no lost revenue, thanks to the electronic paper trail on everything we do!

Bryan Pritchard

Owner at Phoenix Landscape Services

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