Managing Equipment to Control Your Costs

John Deere is a leader in the industry… not just in product line and quality but also in their pursuit of managing the contractor’s experience from selection to purchase to maintenance, repair and disposition. Aspire is working with companies like John Deere to help you better manage your materials, labor and in this case --- your shop and equipment costs. Join us – Aspire and John Deere - to see “what’s on the drawing board” for managing equipment and preventative maintenance programs, and to participate in providing input that shapes where we go together. In this session you will learn: 

  • How the Aspire equipment module works – features and best practice
  • What Deere is doing now and considering to help contractors – programs and practices
  • What concepts for marrying the practices are “on the drawing board”
  • How can Deere and Aspire alone and together better serve you

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