Human Resources Management Made Easier!

Your most valuable asset is your people – or so they saying goes… Managing this asset is becoming ever more critical. Because of this Aspire is building a deeper integration and partnership with IPS Payroll to better manage your human resources requirements for your labor force. In this session you will learn: 

  • What’s available in HR and Payroll software right now
  • How and where to manage employee information – Aspire and IPS
  • What information is essential to set-up – Aspire and IPS
  • How to on-board an employee – Aspire and IPS
  • How to manage performance information
  • How to manage and approve a payroll – Best practices in Aspire
  • What reports should be used in Aspire and IPS – Attendance, WC, etc.
  • How to integrate payroll with the G/L

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