How to Manage Your Life with Lists, KPIs, and Dashboards

You can make your life easier by mastering reporting in Aspire. The result is measured in time-saved, better served customers, and better-managed and trained crews. Join the pros from the Aspire Account Manager Team to learn about best practices for “list building” and reporting to help you do your job better. If you believe information is power… then you will want to use reports to drive accountability and better decision-making. In this session you will learn: 

  • Setting up a basic list & KPI reports
  • How to set up and manage time frames in lists
  • How to use filters, display, sort and group features
  • How to create calculation fields
  • How to turn a list into a dashboard
  • How to create a targeted KPI’s… for sales, production, forecast
  • How to use the new features in Version 5.0 to customize KPI’s

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