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How Property Works Increased Sales by 30% with Aspire

Learn how this facilities maintenance company entered a new market and grew their business with support from Aspire.

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With Aspire, Property Works:
  • Established a new janitorial services branch
  • Improved visibility and accountability using the scheduling board
  • Increased sales by over 30% in a three-month trial period

“We had tremendous growth month over month over month. We could see it in real time because Aspire affords you that visibility into operations.”

Dana Shaw, Property Works


About Property Works

Property Works was founded in 2007 by Tony and Jason Batallan, brothers who owned about 200 commercial rental properties in the Palm Beach area. They started the business to manage maintenance work for those properties, and over the years the company expanded to serve other clients as well.

Customers now include:

  • Bank branches and offices
  • Car dealerships
  • K-12 and college/university campuses
  • Retail stores
  • Conventional offices
  • Municipal facilities

Transforming operational efficiency

Since onboarding with Aspire, Property Works has improved efficiency across the company. One of their favorite features so far is the scheduling board.

“There are so many aspects of the system you can touch from the schedule board alone,” says Dana Shaw, manager of operational strategy. “You can easily see time, payroll, purchasing, invoicing, and cash flow—just in that epicenter, we're running the core aspects of our business right there.”

How it works

Aspire's schedule board allows users to easily:

  • Move visits between days
  • View trucks and assets
  • Create issues directly from work tickets
  • Let subcontractors use mobile devices to clock in and complete work tickets
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Boosting sales performance

A key element of Property Works’ growth strategy is using a sales performance incentive fund (SPIF) program to drive up sales during slower periods of the year. Here's how they did it with Aspire.


Created individual SPIF goals based on tenure, accounts, and historical sales numbers


Built custom dashboards in Aspire where sales reps could track progress


Set up an aggregate dashboard to display an overview of the whole team's performance

The result? Property Works grew nearly 35% over three months.

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