Five Sure Ways to Make Very Little Profit in the Landscape Industry

Many of you met Greg in one of our 2018 webinars. In this session, he will cover more of his 32 ways to increase your bottom line… and how all the reports he employs are built right into Aspire. Greg works with many Aspire clients using the system to move the profit needle upwards.

  • Five practices that cause landscapers to make very little profit
  • What are the three strategic questions you must answer
  • What are the key reports you must use to stop leaking profits
  • Why and how work tickets matter and where they fit in planning (budget, mark-ups, and margins)
  • How to use the reports and information to maximize accountability
  • What you need to do as a leader to make this system work to increase profits reliably
  • BrightView’s latest financial results

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