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How can we help you?

Can the dashboard be updated to show data for specific date ranges or is that a preset, unalterable dashboard?

Aspire dashboards are completely customizable. Typical practice is to define a set of 8-10 dashboards per job description, per role in your company. For example, account managers will have a different set of dashboards than production supervisors but will also typically share dashboards to create better teamwork, communication, and accountability.

What custom reports can we run if the standard reports do not meet our needs?

Aspire provides two types of built in reporting. 

  1. Pivot tables for data mining.

  2. Anything for sales, production, or accounting transaction Aspire has a built in list reporting feature allowing you to customize, share, and save with your team.

Aspire also has a long list of standard reports that include financial profit and loss, accounts receivable, sales and commission, taxation, purchasing, renewal, etc.

Does the pivot table reporting allow for filters and sorting like a standard pivot table?

Yes, it operates as a normal pivot table does, with complete flexibly. The pivot tables have unlimited field and filter flexibly allowing you to create, provide, and save different analyses and save reports.

Are reports able to be exported into excel?

All reports can be exported to PDF or excel files for communication or for further specific analysis.

Can we lock certain data? e.i., customer price information, labor rate data, P&L data from certain users so they can't view or export that data.

Aspire provides robust security and permission management that is linked to individual jobs and roles in your company. What this means is that you can limit and define what an account manager can see and do, differently than a crew can do in the system. You control that!

Does Aspire have an open API if we wanted to use Tableau or another reporting tool?

Aspire has an open API as well as a data warehouse option where you can employ Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI to produce your own KPI's or other reports. You may want to ask your sales person about adding this to your contract.