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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Aspire priced?

Aspire is priced as a percent of annual revenue divided into 12 monthly equal billings. The percent of annual revenue is a function of total revenue size.

What is the likelihood of a price increase?

The percent of revenue that you pay is permanent throughout the life of your contract therefore there are no price increases built in for the future.

Do you have a SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantee?

Aspire has a service level agreement and it is part of your contract. This guarantees a level of system uptime and data security. Please refer to the Aspire agreement for more information.

What is included in the Aspire monthly fees?

The Aspire fees include unlimited user licenses, complete implementation and training program, post implementation support and problem solving services, and delivery of all future enhancements, upgrades, and new versions.

There are two additional services that are optional and priced separately from your contract. This includes credit card and banking payment services as well as GPS fleet management. These can be quoted in addition to the software.