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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Who is your GPS Partner?

Is GPS tracking included in the Aspire core subscription pricing?

GPS is an add on that is billed and contracted through Aspire.

Who do you partner with for your map interface?

Do you offer a dash cam surveillance system?

Yes. For more information please inquire with your sales representative for more information.

How quickly does this system work/how quickly will I get updates and alerts?

This is working off a cell network system. You will get updates and alerts as quickly as a text message. Your vehicle/assets location on the map will update every 60 seconds.

What happens if coverage is lost?

The plug-in will continue to track as if you have coverage and when you get back to cell coverage it will batch update. Just like when you turn your phone on after an airplane. We call this store and forward.

Who provides the coverage for the tracking?


What if AT&T doesn’t have good coverage in my area?

Although we are operating on their cell network, our coverage is much more comprehensive that your normal cell phone. Just because you lost cell service does not mean that your GPS unit has!

What if I have current geofences in my existing tracking software?

We will export these for you! Also, Aspire automatically creates geofences for you from your active properties.

What if an emergency job comes up (i.e. it snowed!) How can I get someone out there as quickly as possible?

You can “dispatch” people through FleetSharp. If a parking lot needs to be plowed as soon as possible, you can type the address into the GPS to locate the vehicle/driver closest to the location. If they have the mobile app, you would be able to dispatch them to that location.

How often does a trackers location ping?

The FleetSharp portal updates location in real time and Aspire updates location every 60 seconds.

What kind of reporting does your GPS solution provide?

We provide reporting on everything from idle time, speeding events, harsh braking, tamper alerts, geofence activity, etc. Essentially, you can get a report on any driver behavior.