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Is estimating built for general landscaping services, or would it work for larger construction project estimating?

Aspire estimating is built for general landscape, enhancement, T&M work orders, large AIA construction projects, and snow & ice management. Aspire uses unique templates created by you, the contractor, to create contracts and proposals with a high level of consistency. This prevents the need to "recreate the wheel" with each proposal.

What are the statuses of estimates in Aspire, and are they flexible?

Aspire has standard default statuses as well as the capability to customize some. The statuses include prebid, bidding, approval, delivery, signed, production, or lost. This makes it easy to monitor and track proposals and opportunity sales pipelines.

For service estimates, does the software keep track of how many services are remaining to be performed? This is important so that we can sell our customers additional mows, etc.

Aspire estimating templates track and manage all services and optional services on every maintenance contract. The templates allow the ability to add new service tickets or extra visits inside existing service tickets. That is typically a work flow option the client determines.

Is there reporting for cost of estimates won and lost, as well as the total number of estimates won and lost over varying time frames?

Aspire provides full sales and estimate pipeline reporting with filters to isolate estimates by rep, by branch, by customer, by service type, or by any date range desired.

Can we create our own calculator/template for rates?

Aspire requires you to create your own templates services, contract language, and most importantly pricing rates. This produces both standard and job pricing with gross margin and overhead recovery and net margin reporting. Templates are completely flexible and will become essential to your standard estimating process.

What things can we and can't we customize within the estimates module?

In aspire, you customize your services, your services descriptions, pricing and profits, your invoicing and billing, scope and contract language, and final proposal format and presentation.

How does aspire handle change orders?

Aspire handles change orders in the estimating system by linking every edition, deletion, and substitution to the original job estimate. This makes it easy to track complicated job history and projects that evolve.

What is the max number of production rate calculators?

There is no limit to the number of production rate calculators.

Is there a limit to the number of templates that can be created for estimating?

There is no limit to the number of templates that can be created for the estimating module.