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How does Aspire handle shop work orders for equipment?

Aspire creates a service ticket for all repeat and preventive maintenance on any piece of equipment that you log into aspire. The shop mechanics can log hours and parts costs to that service ticket to create a history of all services performed on a piece of equipment.

Is there a way to setup and track equipment maintenance needs?

Aspire will track any piece of equipment and its history from large, capital items to small items. Equipment can be assigned to a crew or a site. In a case of snow, the crew from the mobile can create a service ticket for repairs.

If you elect to use Aspire GPS and fleet system, meter readings can also be tracked and documented for each equipment. i.e. miles and hours.

Will the system track small equipment? And How?

Aspire will track any piece of equipment. When you purchase equipment that gets logged into aspire, it can be assigned to crews or locations. That way you can monitor loss, theft, and transfer between crews and locations.

What reporting is available at the equipment level?

Aspire can produce reporting for preventive maintenance, schedules, total repair and maintenance, cost, depreciation and equipment utilization. For more in depth information about equipment, watch this video.

Does equipment integrate with GPS tracking systems?

Aspire has a built in integration option with FleetSharp fleet tracking system. This includes complete integration with crew, time, and attendance reporting. Other tracked metrics include driver performance metrics, route history, and equipment utilization tracking.

Does aspire have a fixed asset module?

Aspire's equipment module is also a fixed asset module, allowing you to create depreciation schedules, monitor equipment life cycle, and final asset disposition.