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Frequently Asked Questions

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How customizable is the customer portal?

The customer portal is very customizable and is formatted within your Aspire app. You are able to set color schemes, logos, as well as information that is viewable to the client.

Who has access to the customer portal?

Access to the customer portal is managed internally. You can invite as many or as few as you would like.

Can clients approve proposals in the customer portal?

Yes. We offer an e-signature option in the portal as well.

Can clients submit requests for service in the customer portal?

Yes. There is a tab called "Issues" in the portal where your client can request service or report issues with services performed.

What information can be viewed in the customer portal?

This is up to you. We offer the capability to view invoices, proposals, as well as issues, but you are able to customize these permissions when you format the portal.

Can customers pay invoices in the customer portal?

Yes. To use this functionality you must first set up a merchant account with our partner payment processor, CardConnect.

Check out the frequently asked questions on electronic payments for more information.

How long can proposals be accessed in the portal?

Proposals stay in the portal until they are approved by the client or removed by you, the client is also able to continue to view proposals as work in progress until they are completed.

How long can invoices be accessed in the portal?

Invoices can be accessed until they are paid. Once invoices are paid, the client is still able to access these in a "paid the last six months" view or "all paid" view.