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Customer Relationship Management

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Can a sales manager review individual sales members and tasks?

Yes. Aspire's integration with Outlook and Google enables sales managers to view the individual tasks that sales members have lined up.

Is it possible to customize dash reports and dashboards for the selling process?

Yes, Aspire provides reporting at multiple levels that includes sales KPI's, Account Manager KPI's, Pipeline lists, and pivot tables as well as role specific dashboard reports.

Does the system allow for tracking the profitability at each job, rather than at the total customer level?

Aspire allows for job costing and profit tracking at the job, the customer, the property, etc levels.

What email servers sync with Aspire?

Outlook and Gmail both sync with Aspire.

How does Aspire integrate email tracking with Outlook and Gmail?

The best practice is for emails to be sent from Aspire. Those emails then go out through the respective servers leaving a record in both systems. Incoming emails through either google or Outlook will be dropped into an Aspire folder to be recorded and documented with the respective contact and property.

Does Aspire support electronic signatures for proposals and contracts?

Aspire supports electronic signatures through DocuSign and the Aspire Client portal.

How many different "tasks" can we set up within a given job? Can different employees be assigned to different tasks from one crew leader?

Aspire will support any level of task granularity. That information is provided to the crews for unique assignment to crew or crew leaders.

Can photos to be taken of the property before and after we leave the property in order to clock in and clock out?

Yes. Services can be assigned with the requirement at clock out to record information either photos or forms.

Does the app work in the background? We legally can't track our employees after working hours and since it's GPS enabled, that's a concern.

Tracking of employees commences with the sign in process that is initiated with a pin number and links directly to the payroll. Only those activities are tracked.

Is reporting on job status updates available for time, materials, equipment used, etc.?

Reporting on crew time, materials, and equipment usage happens in real time. This feeds job cost and payroll for accurate reporting.

Can crew members clock in and out at different times, for various portions of a job?

Yes. Aspire provides complete flexibility for tracking of crews and jobs, simultaneously in sequence

Can clock time be flagged if an employee exceeded a certain number of total hours in one day?

Aspire provides payroll and clock time reporting that through the use of dashboards can provide alerts in real time for specific rules set up on the schedule board.

Does the client information come directly from the CRM, without needing to type that information in again?

Aspire is a single integrated database management system. This means customer property contact information is entered one time and is available in all parts of the system.

Are there limits on how many properties we can add to the system?

There are no limits to the number of customer or contact properties that can be added.

How do estimating templates work?

Templates are set up by division. There are no limits to the number of templates by division. Typically there will be anywhere from 4-15 templates in any division.

Does Aspire support sales planning?

The system provides unique scorecard and KPI budgeting to set goals and monitor actuals. This is flexible by rep, branch, and division.