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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Do you specialize in landscaping or have experience with landscaping companies?

Aspire focuses and currently only does business with the landscape, snow, and landscape construction industry. The software is designed by industry professionals for industry professionals. This is important because it means you will not have to teach a custom software company your business in order to have software that is unique for you.

How long has Aspire been a company?

The Aspire Software Company was founded in 2014 and is managed by individuals with several decades of experience in the industry.

Who founded Aspire?

Kevin Kehoe and Mark Tipton founded the company in 2013. Kevin was an industry consultant for 25 years. Mark Tipton produced and managed a software call Boss LM until 2013

How many users does Aspire have currently?

Aspire has approximatly 200 companies on the system, spanning over 800 locations, and 30,000 users.

What size companies use Aspire?

We have companies of all sizes across the US and Canada using Aspire ranging from $1,000,000 in revenue to $250,000,000. The average size company that uses Aspire has about $15,000,000 in annual revenue.

How many employees work at Aspire?

Aspire currently has over 60 employees and is still growing. They are organized in 3 areas:

  • Business Development, Sales, and Marketing
  • Implementation, Training, and Support Services
  • Product Development, Maintenance, and Quality Control Engineers.

Where are you located?

Our home office is based outside of St. Louis, and we have team members who work remotely from the east to west coast.

What are the companies growth plans?

The plans are to continue to invest in the people who build the software and support training services in order to better service the industry.

Is the company financially sound?

The Aspire Software Company in financially sound. In fact, Mainsail Partners has invested significant capital in order to fund the growth plans.