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Account Receivables & Invoicing

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Is invoicing paperless?

Aspire supports both paper as well as paperless invoicing and can support customer payment application through Aspire's customer portal application.

How does invoicing information flow to QuickBooks?

All invoicing and payment application information, including account aging, happens in Aspire. No invoice or payment information is transferred to QuickBooks as this would create unnecessary duplication of data. Aspire transfers deposit information only to QuickBooks to true up cash and account receivable balances.

Is there a way to quickly bill everything to all work in any given month to a client, without estimating complicated date range management?

Aspire provides multiple filtering options allowing you to invoice work in any fashion desired through Aspires invoice assistant function.

Can we batch invoice or do we need to go in and customize each invoice before sending?

Aspire allows the option to batch invoices and individually customize them.

Do payments and invoices created automatically sync to QB or will we need to upload transactions from Excel?

Aspire maintains all customer and account information. You will not manage any of that in QuickBooks therefore there is no syncing of data between the two systems.

Can we allow our account managers to only access the properties that are assigned to them?

Aspire is built on a system of roles like account manager that allow you to limit or open up access to accounts and information that you decide.

How many different "departments" can we set up to track profits?

There is no limit to the number of departments, which Aspire calls divisions. Divisions are profit centers where revenue earned and revenue invoiced along with all job costs are managed to produce gross margin reporting.

Can there be different invoicing templates for different seasons/services? If so, how many report settings can be created in total and per customer?

Aspire provides the ability to produce custom customer facing invoice formats. These custom invoice templates can be seasonal or service related. There is no limit to the number of report settings that you can create.