The Aspire Landscape Business Software Deployment Process

For some people a root canal is more fun than setting up software. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Your Aspire Account Manager gets the job done with you.

Deployment Process Phase One

We Turn Your Aspire System On


Onboard MeetingOnboard Meeting

This is a planning meeting to establish timelines, tasks and responsibilities for us and for you in order to make the deployment go smoothly. You will meet your Account Manager and AspireCare™ Support Rep from the Aspire Team. They are your guides throughout the setup and training schedule.

We conduct a top-to-bottom business consulting assessment of your current practices, processes, people and reports. The objective is to identify areas where the most change will occur so you can easily adapt to the new software.

Data ConversionData Conversion

This is the most time consuming part of deployment. We must get this right – as a team. We walk you through the steps to convert information from your current systems and get it uploaded to Aspire.

Data conversion is the part of deployment where time slippage can delay everything else. When data conversion is complete, though, you have a system loaded with your contacts, customers, employees, services and your item catalog.

Aspire Landscape Software Works For Your TeamHardware Setup

Aspire functions on any device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) and works with any browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). We work with you to select the most efficient and cost-conscious setup for your company.

Then we teach you how to set up your securities, permissions and authorization procedures so you can determine who has access to what in your system.

Deployment Process Phase Two

You Start Bidding And Selling


CRM SetupCRM Setup

At this time your training schedule, which you coordinate with your Account Manager, begins in earnest. This will include on- and off-site training sessions. Your AM will teach you how to enter and manage information, how to use different devices and browsers, how to handle customer requests and complaints, how to attach photos and documents, how to email and use the calendar, and how to set up personal home page dashboards.

Financial Setuplandscape management software payoff

One of the most powerful features in Aspire is list management. Your AM will teach you how to create lists and reports for marketing, sales, tickets, schedules, purchases, and invoicing as well as end of month financials. Your AM works with your Accounting Specialist to ascertain that appropriate processes are in place so your numbers are accurate. This is a primary reason for purchasing Aspire: Know where you are making money!

Landscape Business Software InvestmentEstimating Setup

Everything in Aspire starts at the estimate. This is the most intensive part of training. There is a great deal of setup required, which allows you to manage everything else. The estimate creates work tickets. These tickets get scheduled, and crews and managers charge time and materials to the tickets to allow accurate budgeting and job costing.

The system allows you to integrate take-offs with a pricing model and your services and items catalogs. It then uses your unique contract formats to produce efficient and accurate proposals and contracts.

Deployment Process Phase Three

You Start Running Operations


Load Contracts and Start SellingLoad Contracts and Start Selling!

This is the second area where the schedule can slip. We cannot import your current contracts into the system. (We wish we could!) You must enter them one by one. The template we developed to provide you during the estimating setup and training makes it easy to do. It is best to dedicate a person to do this because you cannot schedule anything until contracts are loaded. Remember: Every contract creates tickets for scheduling and job costing.

Purchasing SetupPurchasing Setup

Materials management is often the weakest process area in many companies. Your AM shows you how to create a purchase, receive goods, approve vendor invoices, set up and manage inventory items, set up reports to manage purchase status, and handle “in-field Home Depot” and credit card purchases. This is an intensive part of the training since the improvements in control and accountability Aspire offers may require changes to your current procedures.

Billing SetupBilling Setup

Invoicing is the end of the entire Aspire workflow. Every job, whether contractual, upon completion, per payment plan, or time and material, must be invoiced. Your AM works with you to set up your invoicing process and your invoice formats, as well as all the reports that assure you everything in the system is billed accurately and on time.

The training includes work with our Accounting Specialists to address your credit memo, aging, and collection reporting processes. Keep in mind that Aspire reports revenue in two ways: invoiced and earned. Invoiced revenue comes from that which you invoice. Earned revenue comes from your completed work tickets.

Deployment Process Phase Four

You Have Full Functionality


Scheduling Software For Landscape ContractorsScheduling Setup

Now you are ready to use the ENTIRE system and start scheduling. Your AM will be on-site to walk you through the setup and critical training with your Operations and Administrative people. Both must be involved since what happens in scheduling feeds the mobile app, the purchasing system, payroll and finally invoicing. There is a series of key reports you will learn to manage this project administration function.

Production Goes Live!Production Goes Live

Now the fun starts! You are fully on the system and you will start to pull your hair out for the next 3-4 months as you leave your old system and adapt the new. There is no way to avoid this painful transition when learning something brand new. But we are there. Your AM is a phone call away as is your AspireCare™ rep. They will teach you how to use the system and answer questions about all the stuff you forgot from the training. It’s true… and normal.

Payroll Goes LivePayroll Goes Live!

Your Accounting Specialist will walk your staff through the first few payroll periods until your people build enough confidence and competency to do it on their own.

Quickbooks Goes Live!Quickbooks Goes Live

Your Accounting Specialist will walk your staff through the first few month-end closings until your team is ready to manage it themselves.