Crew Training and Performance Management

As Aspire grows working with the right partners to bring you better management solutions is our primary objective. In the arena of people management IPS and Greenius are perfect examples. It’s not much of an understatement to suggest that crew training often does not get much more than lip service. Yet it can save your company untold hours and liability. Come to this session to see how Greenius is addressing this and working with Aspire. In this session you will learn:

  • What is the Greenius solution and product
  • How the training program works – a demonstration
  • How the follow up and testing works
  • How to manage performance feedback – a demonstration
  • What reports are available for you to manage
  • Where Greenius and Aspire might integrate and work together
  • What is the investment and the expected return
  • How to enroll and set up the program

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