Client Service Communication Specialist

Julie believes in the power of stories to bring people together. Here’s one of hers.

Julie started school in the middle of a school year before age 3. Her older brother went to preschool every morning, and one day, Julie decided she was going to school, too! She brought a folder and sat down on the blue bench with the big kids, and she refused to leave! In preschool, Julie’s love of learning began to take shape. Her education spanned more than twenty years and culminated in bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication from Saint Louis University.

After graduation, Julie went to work in the transportation industry, where she became familiar with boats and barges. Excited to take on a new challenge, Julie is now starting to learn about the landscape industry.

When Julie is not working, she enjoys the three R’s: researching, running, and really good food. In her spare time, she likes to find connections between ideas and pick up new bits of information. Julie loves Google.

Julie also loves to run. She trains for and runs half marathons for fun, which accounts for her appetite! When Julie was a baby, her mom used to call her a good eater, and well, she still is! Pizza, sushi, and soft pretzels always make this girl happy.

She can’t wait to learn more about the landscape industry and hear Aspire’s clients’ stories.