Sales and Business Development

Gage had a long history with Aspire, even before coming to the company. As the former national sales manager for GIE Media  owners of Lawn & Landscape magazine – he was on speed-dial as the Aspire contact for lining up press releases, events, projects and advertising through the magazine. He was also a critical link to several industry organizations such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and the American Snow Contractors Association (ASCA).

Now, a welcome new member of the sales/business development team, Gage’s responsibilities include expanding Aspire’s market share and closing new clients in the Green/Snow industries.

His work experience is diverse, but has uniquely prepared him for his position with Aspire. It spans everything from retail store management to marketing/video company ownership and includes a stint as an Ohio State Trooper.

His interests and activities outside of work are as diverse as his résumé. A husband and father (his son was born in 2016), he enjoys spending time with his family, large home improvement projects and managing a small horse farm with his wife (two horses, two mules and a dog) outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He has a regimental workout every morning at 4:30 a.m. and also likes to play golf.

Despite his time behind the badge, he also has a passion for things that go fast, specifically riding motorcycles and modifying cars. “I play both sides of the fence as far as import tuners and muscle cars – I appreciate the time and quality of work invested in either,” he says.